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Why Is Poetry Important?

Why Is Poetry Important? … By Leena Patel   One of the critical questions in literature can be the questioning of the importance of poetry. Why do we question it? What can the answer truly reveal, if any? Most of all, how does it enhance humanity? Could it be interpreted that Poetry is a known […]

The Story Behind St Valentine

The Story Behind St Valentine … By Leena Patel   Valentine’s Day approaches with much excitement in our contemporary celebratory approaches; planning flowers, chocolates and romantic gestures with unique gifts. A fabulous opportunity to take advantage of such a well known day; to express the reflection of a deep love from within and wanting, needing […]

Effective Communication Between Religion & Authors

Effective Communication Between Religion and Authors … By Leena Patel   There are two categories people fall into: 1) Writing for an audience, and, or, 2) Writing for yourself. Who says being an author is easy? It is not. There is a criteria by which all potential authors should consider. It is easy to get […]

How Can a Publishing Company Help You In Many Ways?

So, writing a good book and looking for a publisher? Do you know that the Internet is flooded with lots of options to make it easy for you to publish the book of your choice? Even if you are looking for some publishers who deal with books related to religion in general, you have an […]

Reasons to Buy Books from the Best Christian Book Store Online

In recent times we have seen a huge shift in the trend of buying books. Book lovers or active readers no longer go to a conventional store to buy their favorite book; they choose to shop from trusted Christian online book store. The number of people using these web based shops for their favorite books […]