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Christian Publishing is ushered into the New World

Some Christian writers have accepted that they have to keep up with the new-age type of writing and publishing in order to get their message across to their targeted audience. Gone are the Good Old Days, when authors did the writing and left everything to the publisher. Although many people still enjoy having a good […]

What does it take to be a writer?

Many have asked the question, what does it take to be a writer? Motivation! That’s the answer, plain and simple. Motivation is the key in becoming a great writer, it means to be dedicated to writing whether you feel your book will be a success or not. It is being committed to continually write whether […]

Christian Gifts

Everybody is rushing to buy gifts for their friends, family, work colleagues, neighbours and others during Christmas. Have you ever thought of buying a Christian present? What do I mean by this? Well, by buying a gift that has something to do with Christianity like Christian jewellery, a Christian book, a preaching CD from a […]