Just published ‘Forgiven to Forgive’

I am May. I grew up in Japan amidst my father’s problems of alcohol, gambling and cigarettes by helping my battered Christian mother. I was suicidal at my baptism at age twelve, believing I might have to die for her like Jesus had died on the cross. When I was twenty-five, I thought my father’s death would be the end of my misery. But, having studied in London from age thirty-four to thirty-six, I began to suffer from my mother’s rejection. She did not appreciate my change, while I kept on seeking her approval.


At age forty-five, on the 20th anniversary of my father’s funeral, , I shouted at the closed door of a guesthouse in the Philippines where I was staying on a Christian retreat,


”Come out father! Make your apology to my mother and me!”

Extract from the book ‘Forgiven to Forgive’ available from 15th June 2020!

New book just published ‘Words of Life’ by William Rumball

William Rumball has been writing poetry for many years from his experiences he has had spiritually and from personal reflections. See an extract below from his poem ‘Citizens of Heaven’.

‘John’s apocalyptic horrors appal and frighten,

The earthbound, no matter if we know how or when, 

But John’s glorious heavenly vision, 

Inspires our hope of renewed creation.’

This is a must read book on poetry that will make you think about different areas in one’s life!

Just published Stand and Keep Standing by Gail Grimshaw

This is a true story of how God brought the author through pain, hurt and rejection and taught her to stand on His word until breakthrough was seen!

Transformation – The Journey of Extra

Just published Beryl Bamu’s book on ‘Transformation – The Journey of Extra’! This book is a must for any believer that wants God to transform their lives not just when they first get to know the Lord but continuously throughout their life both spiritually and physically. A must read!

His Grace is Enough

New Release from Kingdom Publishers! ‘His Grace is Enough’ explores how lasting joy and peace are found in who we are in Christ and what this means for us. It reminds us that we have been specially chosen by God to serve and glorify Him in everything we do. Written by Christine Emelone.

Maid for a Purpose

New Release from Kingdom Publishers! ‘Maid for a Purpose’, a beautiful story about a young girl, living in the biblical age of the prophets who is captured by bandits and taken to a strange land. Written by Carol Stanley.

Freedom From Fear

New book from Kingdom Publishers just released! ‘Freedom From Fear’ delves into how to break free from the bondage that Fear has over our lives and to live in God’s truth! Book written by Kennedy Tajuldeen.

Let The Healer In

New book from Kingdom Publishers just released! ‘Let The Healer In’ delves into God’s comfort during times of Hardship, depression and despair! Book written by Helen Aigbe-Joseph.

Wisdom Wise

New book from Kingdom Publishers just released! ‘Wisdom Wise’ is book of poems to draw us into a time of reflection! Book written by Marilyn Edwards.

To God Be The Glory

New book from Kingdom Publishers just released! ‘To God Be The Glory’ about what happens when you answer God’s calling. Written by Keith & Pauline Evans.