Freedom from fear


ABOUT THE BOOK.  I conceived the divine information through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to write this book based upon what he has seen, heard and experienced . Fear is one of the weapons used by the devil to deny many people the opportunity to enjoy the fullness of God’s blessings. Many people couldn’t succeed in their marriages, business, academic, relationship, finances, and every other aspect of their lives simply because of the spirit of FEAR. Fear has no respect for the rich, great, small poor, strong, weak educated , Christian faith or any other religious belief, it can kill, steal and destroy if you lack the knowledge and divine understanding on how to deal with it. God’s purpose for His sons and daughters is to live a life of victory in every aspect of their lives. The writer of this book was also a victim of FEAR fourteen years ago( 14years) when he was arrested and sent to prison, he thought he was going to end his life, and destiny in prison, but he later received a revelation from God on how to be totally set free from the spirit of Fear. Though he is still in prison, yet he is a living testimony that fear can be dealt with permanently.

ISBN: 978-1-913247-15-7

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