Coming soon
‘Emilia the King and the Place Beyond’
by Felicity Sears

Get a preview of Felicity Sears’ book ‘Emilia, the King and the Place Beyond’ which is about a little girl Emilia who dreams, wonders and loves to explore. Most importantly, she was wants answers. The trouble is her questions are too big.

Follow Emilia’s adventure with Mickey, and the rest of the Burtons. A cool family who eat bangers and mash on their laps. A loud and funny family that always say what they think. Oh, they know all about the King.

Discover the Place Beyond, where the King shows Emilia more of himself and of the mission that he has planned for her. Will she persevere through trials, and succeed in her mission? Will she rescue her brother Charlie? Will she find the Princess?

Emilia, the King and the Place Beyond provokes, challenges and draws you right in. It will inspire you to delve deeper, and ask more questions, in order to find your Kingly mission.

Book available soon!

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