Best Books for Children, Youth and Parents

These 7 books are great to give to the children or teens in the family; or if you a parent looking for yourself, wanting some advice from a Christian perspective. Check them out, and let us know what you think!

Sweet Dreams Tanya

web_1sweet_dreams_tanya_cover - christian books“Wake up, Tanya it’s time to get ready for your online class.”

“Mhmm,” was the only response.

Keisha knew that she would have to shake her fourteen year old to wake her up, as she was a deep sleeper and had hearing issues. It would usually take four or five attempts before Tanya actually got up……

A moment later, Tanya was wide awake and saying her prayers. After a quick shower, she joined her mum at the breakfast table in the kitchen.

“Mummy, I had another one of my dreams. This time I dreamt of Jonah in the whale.”

Devout Christians, 14-year-old Tanya and her mother Keisha are about to experience some changes in their lives that will need them to call on their faith.

Parenting Apprenticeship

Parenting Apprenticeship By Eunice Essien - christian booksParenting teenagers has become a growing concern in our homes, communities and the church. Many mothers and fathers are unfulfilled in their roles as parents and many teenagers are emotionally unstable and feel unloved.

The relationships between parents and their teenagers are difficult and sometimes resulting in estranged relationships with many teenagers ‘divorcing’ their parents. Eunice encounters difficulties and was at risk of her daughter ‘divorcing’ her when her daughter reaches adolescence. All the parenting strategies she used over the years suddenly ceased to work, causing frustrations, verbal battles and chaos at home.


Do Not Stop the Little Children

Do not stop the little childrenMary believes we need to take a deep and honest look at ourselves and see if we are preventing our children from being blessed by Jesus. Do we stop them by our worldly ways? Are we blind to the real preciousness of who they are in God’s eyes? We need to become more aware of Satan’s strategies, his lies and his plans to rob our little ones of all that Jesus wants for them. We need to look up and be aware of what is happening around us and not be complacent.



Silly Little Bumblebee

silly little bumble bee - christian booksSilly Little Bumble Bee is an exciting children story book with (lessons to learn), lots and lots of BUZZZZZ, CROAACK and quirky little songs to the tune of [Five Little Ducks and You Can’t Catch Me].

Great for the kids!


Jungle Tales

Jungle Tales - christian booksA wonderful children books based on two main animal characters (Lenny and Mick) who get up to comical adventures with each story ending with a biblical teaching. Great for children ages 8 – 16!



Humpfrey and the Hug of Bears

humpfrey and the hug of bears - christian booksFollow Humpfrey and his friends as they encounter situations in their daily lives which reflect one of the Ten Commandments. Meet Robert who was light fingered but was persuaded to turn over a new leaf and stop stealing. Then learn how Victor had a valuable lesson in putting God first before his X-Box and computer. The hug of bears have fun along the way and even manage to get into trouble themselves!


The Greatest Treasure

the greatest treasures - christian booksWhen a group of children are talking about heaven and how to get there, a wise old women interrupts them – she wants to tell them a story. The children love stories, so they settle down to listen to an amazing story about the discontented Sam who lives in a town called Rainbow. After listening to Mr Bright going on and on about some ‘fabulous treasure’, Sam decides to search for it.



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