• The Gift

    Threefold Cord and Incredible People

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  • Christian Parallels

    Working Towards Spiritual Maturity

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  • Sharing the Faith

    Key messages of the Gospel of Christ

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  • The Realities of the Endtime

    The signs and the period of the end time

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  • Victory Over Opposition

    Through faith and God’s intervention we can gain the victory!

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  • Loneliness Versus Being Alone

    the Journey from Isolation to Beautiful Solitude

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  • We Now Supply CLC Bookshops and Lion Sales Services!

    CLC make their books available to over 400 booksellers across the UK and is established in over 50 countries around the world!

    Lion Sales Services represent our books to Christian bookshops in the UK using their dedicated sales force.

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About us

Kingdom Publishers is a publishing company that understands your frustration in attempting to have the work you have spent months and even years writing to have it turned down by a publisher!

For that reason we created Kingdom Publishers to help Christian authors like yourself publish quality Christian fiction and non- fiction books that are in line with God’s word.

Our strategy in publishing your book is simple. We will review your work once you have submitted a book proposal and if it is work that we accept for publishing then we will ask to see the first three chapters of your book. If we are happy with the content of the three chapters, we will send you an Author Submission Form to complete, ask you to choose which publishing package you want, pay for this and sign our publishing agreement. You will have 7 days to return this to us and another 21 days to return the full manuscript

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