• A Tale of Two Worlds

    Written by John A Kirk

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  • The Little Book of Big Miracles

    Written by Alan D Edmondson

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  • Theology for the people

    Written by John Barry Dyer

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  • God’s Water Carrier

    Written by Susannah Ralph

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  • Through Thick and Thin

    Written by Kathryn Cole

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  • Why does Judaism reject Jesus Christ?

    Written by Ali Ansarifar

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  • We Now Supply CLC Bookshops and Lion Sales Services!

    CLC make their books available to over 400 booksellers across the UK and is established in over 50 countries around the world!

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    We Now Supply CLC Bookshops and Lion Sales Services!
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About us

Kingdom Publishers is a publishing company that understands your frustration in attempting to have the work you have spent months and even years writing to have it turned down by a publisher!

For that reason we created Kingdom Publishers to help Christian authors like yourself publish quality Christian fiction and non- fiction books that are in line with God’s word.

All you need to do is to submit a complete manuscript to the email below. If it fits our criteria, we will send you an Author Submission form to fill in. We need this to draft your contract. Once you sign the contract and payment has been made, we’re good to go.


Christian Books

Christian Books, when one thinks about anything Christian, they may think only about the Bible, which is great as the Bible is the word of God that was inspired by the Holy Spirit and all Christians should spend time in the word daily to inspire, encourage, learn and develop as children of God.

However, as great men and women were inspired to write the word this powerful word, God still does it today! He inspires Christian authors to write different topics that all come from the Bible, are explained in today’s context mostly using real life experiences from Christians today as they walk with Jesus.

These topics can range from Children’s books, teenage books, fiction and non-fiction books, biographies, autobiographies, books on healing, pastoral care, deliverance, spiritual warfare, the end times, testimonies of how the author met Jesus, teaching books, study resources, books on marriage, childhood and even abortion, the list is endless!

I remember one of the first Christian books I read was Joyce Meyer, ‘Me and My Big Mouth’ and I learnt one of the most important lessons in my own Christian walk to not complain or be negative! The teaching in this one book alone has kept me from making many errors in complaining or being negative as it says in 1 Cor 10:10. It also taught me to be thankful at all times whatever the situation and this in itself makes us content individuals. I believe the more thankful we are to what the heavenly father has done for us, the more He will actually do for us.

Hence, here at Kingdom Publishers, we follow the verse ‘ Joyful is the person…who gains understanding.’ Proverbs 3:13 as that is exactly what books do, they make us see different perspectives of the Bible, widen our understanding on different topics and encourage us as we read what the authors may have been through and how God delivered them.

Christian books will always be a great gift also to give to someone on their birthdays, Christmas or other special occasions. Soaps or Bath bombs or creams will finish but books will always remain on the bookshelf, or given to others to be encouraged or even read again. I remember some books, I have gone back and read over and over again and each time, I was understanding, learning and realising something new from that book to help me develop in my walk with the Lord! This is the power of a Christian Book.

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