I have a longing to see such fathers arise. Men who will invest in the lives of other brothers in Christ, accompanying and encouraging them on their journey towards the destiny their heavenly Father has in mind for them. Jesus (the Son of God) came to reveal and represent His Father, and all He did whilst on earth was with this in mind. This is our calling too, as His disciples. If we are to represent the Father well, it can only come through experiencing a growing revelation of who He is, and in turn, who we now are as His sons. As we draw progressively closer, we begin to catch a glimpse of the many facets of the Father’s Heart, some of which are explored in the following chapters. They can never be experienced from a distance. Only as we encounter Him, do we find ourselves being transformed to embrace and embody the Father as we now know Him to be. The result is a growing desire to look beyond ourselves to see who the Father has placed alongside us as travelling companions. The Father is not looking to recruit perfect men, but rather those who want to walk with Him, and in turn with others. The requirements are an open heart, a teachable spirit, and a willingness to journey. Excerpt from Bill Thompson’s book ‘The Fathers Heart’.