Kingdom Publishers publishes a wide variety of genres in the Christian book market and you can see all of our books in the Christian Book shop. One of these genres is autobiographies, this is where authors have written about their own unique life stories that is there to inspire any reader and encourage you in your Christian work with Jesus. Authors can write their autobiographies on a wide variety of topics that have influenced their own lives. This could be through how they came to know the Lord, through a particularly painful experience that they have gone through and how God saw them through it such as ‘I do, I do, I do – Love Always Wins by author Patricia Gualt or through something spectacular that only God could have done in their lives such Nigel’s Story by Andy Bates who writes a biography about his good friend Nigel and talks about how the person in the story overcame mental health. Autobiographies and Biographies are a powerful tool in the Christian book market so please see a selection of these here. Other Autobiographies and Biographies you may want to read from Kingdom Publishers include walking in the Supernatural by Victoria Owen who explains how she and her family overcame all the difficulties with God’s help through the pandemic.