So, what do we mean about creation and evolution? How can we be sure which is the more accurate, truthful verifiable, say? Well, this has to be researched to some degree, though, in one topic, say in the formation of stars, evolution would give one account, say the big bang, and creation would give another. As Christians we have the young earth creationists and the old earth creationists. I believe that God’s word is the most accurate and concise of any written word since time began. Can we say that we are still complying to God’s word, when the book of Genesis says that everything was created in the last 6 to 10,000 years. Or, can we accept that everything was made in the last 200,000 years. The famous Canadian Hugh Ross, maintains that everything was created in a greater period than 10,000 years, and he has written some books on it. On some of his theories, he bases it on Isaiah 42:5, stretching of the heavens. Isaiah 45:12, and Psalm 104:2, all these scriptures are using the verb stretching the heavens. So Ross, puts emphasis on these scriptures and on some others, to confirm his ideas, that the universe is expanding. Though, we have to examine these ideas, and other evolutionary theses, and to see if they stand up to real scrutiny. I make the first chapter, that is the universe this eternal space full of vast amounts of stars, planets, comets meteors, to see how the Christian faith has with scriptures has brought us to believe that God is real, and how the atheistic, agnostics has explained against the God of creationism. So, I will outline the reasons backed by creationists, chemists, doctors’ anthropologists, palaeontologists. Excerpt from ‘Creationism’ by Nicholas Berrado.