The destination of the second letter was Smyrna, a city founded by Alexander the Great. It was involved in much pagan worship, foremost of which was to the sun god, Zeus. It was a poor, persecuted church located in a beautiful city of wealth and commercial greatness, with a large Jewish population. Opposition from the Jews made life particularly difficult for the Christians there. Although the Jews’ official title was “synagogue of the Lord,” the hostile and unbelieving Jews had become a synagogue of Satan. The evaluation was of a church under affliction: It was a poor church materially, and also was thought to be poor spiritually because of the onslaught against it. But it was a faithful church, even when it was being slandered by wolves in sheep clothing, with the authorities about to take action against it. The Lord’s commendation was as follows:It appeared poor but in reality was rich in faithfulness to God. The rebuke was non existent for the church at Smyrna. The believers lived holy lives in spite of persecution. Perhaps the affliction aided them in this respect as they took their stand against wickedness. Excerpt from John Haddens Book ‘Earth’s Final Chapter’, which deals with end time prophesy.