When you feel that no-one cares, even though you are surrounded by people, then things are very, very wrong. I want to encourage you. There is someone who cares and who understands – Jesus. He has been there, He alone can truly empathise and sympathise. Bishop John Heyl Vincent (Manser, 2001) said of Jesus that “he himself was forsaken that none of his children might ever need to utter his cry of loneliness”. Imagine that, Jesus went through the pain so that we wouldn’t have to! Thank you Lord. With the knowledge of the empathising Jesus being by your side you can find reassurance that you are never alone. Scottish clergyman and theologian John Knox (1514-1572) said it perfectly “a man with God is always in the majority.” So on reflection have you ever been debilitated by loneliness? Have you ever been so disabled by its effects that you have contemplated so many ways out but you just could not take any of these avenues? Think about it for a few minutes….take a moment and just think. When you felt these feelings creep up on you and try to take over your thinking what did you do? Think of one incident and write down what led you to feel lonely. Write down what you did. Who did you talk to? In fact, could you find anyone to talk to? Excerpt from ‘Loneliness verses being alone’ by Julie Porter.