Young people are precious in God’s sign as they are our future generations and we need to ensure that we teach our young people the way of the Lord from when they are young so when they grow older they do not part from knowing the truth as the ‘Truth will set them free’ John 8:32. This is especially important in the days we are living in where morality has taken a downturn and the word of God isn’t as accessible as it was before. In today’s world when you say you’re a Christian, you will probably be the outsider unless you are in a tight nit Christian school or community. Therefore, as Christian parents, educators, grandparents or relatives of young people we would do our part and show the way forward to our young people by talking to them about Jesus, what the word of God teaches and buying them Christian books. This will help them develop in their Christian faith and hopefully always walk in the right path as children of God. If we ignore our duty to speak and teach our young people about Jesus what hope would there be in the future generations? More moral decline and Christian decline would probably be seen.