Kingdom Publishers have published many books over the years on current affairs topics such as abortion, grief, healing etc. as these topics are current to our everyday lives and many of us may be thinking what the Bible says about such topics but may not quite understand the word of God and hence you may need more explanation and teaching from a Christian’s perspective on say for example abortion. This is where our Christian authors have written some interesting books in fields that relate to our everyday lives. These Christian books from our Christian bookshop can be discussed in a group teaching or given to a friend or family member as a gift if and when they are struggling. Topics that may be of interest is how to deal with grief and a good book to read is ‘Let the Healer in’ by Helen Aigbe – Joseph who in her book looks at the many faces of grief and loss and how God brings season of restoration and recovery. If you are looking at abortion, then we would highly recommend Camilla Olim’s bool ‘ For those being crushed’ that talks about how Christians should talk about and confront what may be the biggest ‘social justice’ blind spot. Another book just published is on ‘Parenting Apprentice’ by Eunice Essein and this book helps us understand how to be better parents and finaly, a book on Creationism by Nicholas Berrado who looks at the many scientific and Biblical truths on Creationism.