She couldn’t help but wonder if the AUTHOR and the FINISHER of the letter was the leader of the faith Himself! This was an act that defies human logic and wisdom, no matter the interpretation. Based on this idea, she dropped to her knees and pleaded for mercy. “Lord, I know who I am. I am empty. I’ve been a failure. And all my life, I’ve been blamed for everything bad that has happened. Now, if you can take these unpleasant circumstances in my life and turn them into something beautiful even at the risk of me not following through because I’m definitely not the best, then I’m yours.” In that instant, the Devil began to speak, countering the Lord’s offer and telling her she was about to make a wrong choice. He tried to make her believe that she was on the verge of losing a wild, youthful, and adventurous life where everything seemed so easy and fun-filled. But before she could succumb to the alluring words of the Devil, the Lord spoke again, “If you don’t become born again, many people will go to hell because of you.” Considering the enormity of the responsibility, she could have rescinded, but for the sake of the lives that would pay for her refusal, she accepted the Lord’s offer on the condition that He help her to work on her weaknesses. And from that moment, her life was never the same. Her prayer and bible study life improved tremendously. That was the beginning of the many encounters she had and the start of her youth ministry, which saw many young people giving their lives to Christ. Except from Victoria Owen’s book ‘Walking in the Supernatural’.