Biographies are books written by author about the true-life events or life stories about others. Here at Kingdom Publishers, we may not have many biographies, however a very popular biography that we do sell is Nigel’s Story by Andy Bates. Also. The authors have permission to write the biography, however sometimes they don’t and hence the write books based on true life events that resembles the biography they would have written about. Biographies are always an interesting read when looking at a person’s life and how God has changed / transformed that life and so we need more biographies to be written in the Kingdom of God. The Gospels are a Biography of the life of Jesus and if we didn’t have these accounts about the Messiah, we wouldn’t know much about Him. Although the other parts of the New Testament talk about Jesus its not in as much depth and details as in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Hence, if you know of a person that has a fascinating life and you think this would encourage and help others in the kingdom of God, then why not speak to him or her and ask to write a biography about their life. You may be amazed at their response.