Nevertheless, in the midst of this grief, I learned that when God trusts you with tragedy, He is seeking to enlarge your soul – the seat of your will, intellect and emotions. Tragedies do not come from Him, but He uses them to work out His ultimate purpose for our lives. I further learned that He was not only calling me out to be with Him and enjoy an open relationship with Him, but His desire for me was to come into intimacy with Him, which speaks of oneness with Him. The more I yielded to Him; my soul began to open up. Just the whisper of His name filled my soul, and as I entered more and more into worship, my lips began to sing in my sleep.

…moving gently the lips of sleepers. (Song of Sol. 7:9)

I learned that sometimes the greatest worship is just whispering His name, and the soothing and calming effect it brings, is priceless.

Your name is ointment poured forth. (Song of Sol. 1:3)

Worship becomes the attitude of the heart when the heart, not just the knees, bows before God. This experience of intimacy has now positioned me to describe Him to others through personal experience, having heard His voice, felt His touch, and gazed on Him. As mothers often kiss their children’s pain or hurt better, in this place of intimacy, my grief and mourning were not only kissed better, but were kissed away. ‘Letting the Healer in’ by Helen Joseph- Aigbe .