Deliverance is a very controversial topic and that is not a surprise due to the o many beliefs and ideas about it. One thing is for sure, the devil hates the subject and will try everything to stop you understanding, reading or moving into deliverance or reading this book or attending a church that operates in deliverance! Know this: Jesus was a Deliverer and had the most powerful deliverance ministry on the face of the earth! So what is deliverance? It is casting ot spirits and even demons from people. Many of you will even ask: Are there such things as spirits, demons and the devil? Well if you believe in the Bible, then you will believe the devil and demons exist! Read what Jesus says in Luke 10:18 ‘I saw satan falling like lightening.’ Then this instantly proves there is satan!….The benefits of deliverance include the following: Obviously, you will no longer be under the affliction of demons disturbing your physical, emotional and mental health, as you will have been set free! You will feel that freedom in your mind and body; people around you will even notice how different you look once you have been through deliverance! Excerpt from Maria Yiangou’s book: Deliverance: Your Key to Freedom.