As a Christian Publisher who publishers Christian books, we didn’t want to ignore books on relationships and poetry books and hence have published some amazing books that are there to encourage you in these areas. Poetry books include Marilyn Edwards two books on poetry and these are ‘Wisdom Wise’ and ‘Peel back the Layers’. Through these books, you can see that Marilyn has a deep love for writing poetry books and shows her deep love for the Lord as she brings God into all of her poetry books. We also have a lovely poetry book written by Rhoda Moulding called ‘On a Journey with Jesus’, here to you can see how the author talks about her love for God and how he has taken her through a journey of understanding new levels in her spiritual journey. Another wonderful poetry book published is ‘Christian Poems’ by SK Haddad. His poetry looks at more at topics in the word of God and makes a poem from these topics. Another poetry book published is by William Rumball which is ‘Words of Life’ so many Christian Poetry books to choose from our Christian Book shop. We also have has some books written on Christian Relationships but these have not been many, these are I do, I do, I do – Love always wins by Patricia Gualt and ‘Love, God and Relationships’ by Christine Emolene.