I have to review where I had come from, where I am and where I wanted to be in raising my children. I concluded that I could only achieve that through nurturing. I could only be successful through my apprenticeship. Immediately I realised that I had to turn the volume of my voice down and also to change from negative words to positive words. I shouted because I was frustrated. I was frustrated because my daughter was not doing what I expected her to do. I was frustrated because the more I ‘corrected’ her the more she made ‘mistakes’. The more she made mistakes the more I used negative words and critical words. I was using negative words because I had trained my mind to only see the things that she did wrong. I was afraid that if I did not correct her then she might not make it in the outside world. I had to change that negative perspective to a positive one. That comes through renewing of mind, and it was only the Holy Spirit that helped me to achieve that. The environment is made up of the home environment and the wider environment of the community and society at large. The environment I was able to control as a parent when it comes to nurturing was the home environment. I appreciated that it was from the home environment that my daughter and my son would develop the skills to thrive in the wider environment. However, I had to take the implications of the wider environment into account when creating a nurturing environment. ‘Parenting Apprenticeship’ by Eunice Essien .