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Gospel Stories

Michael West has just published his book Gospel Stories. These stories provide an easy and accessible way for folk who don’t know much about Christianity to get a better understanding of who Jesus is, and the love he has for everyone. The stories try and imagine what was going through the minds of various people […]

Grace to My Soul

Linda Plant’s latest book, ‘Grace to My Soul, the Journey to Find God’, is now available! This book is for those who have the courage and tenacity to seek after spiritual truth. For a seeking heart, which being prepared to leave all behind, find God and know for certain a meeting with Jesus Christ, is life […]

Book Review on Flawless

Book Review by the Evangelical Times It’s rare in these days to see someone coming to Christ ‘from out of the world’. But Victoria Kulczycka’s testimony of her conversion in 2011 is a welcome proof of God’s power to save whomever, whenever, and however he chooses. The author’s story featured in last December’s Evangelical Times, […]

Review of Evidence For Conviction

Evidence For Conviction – A Detectives Journey Into Examining The Credibility Of The Christian Faith by @randal.porter is a book that explores the evidence of topics such as grace, Jesus and the resurrection. At the time of writing I had spent the best part of 17 years investigating crime. The business end of what law enforcement […]

Open for submissions!

Share your message to the world and help others by writing and publishing a Christian book. We know how important having a book is and we’re here to help. Kingdom Publishers are open to submissions, with a Christian fiction and non fiction theme, that are inline with God’s word. We accept manuscripts of 5,000-50,000 words, […]

Extract from Maid for a Purpose

Maid for a Purpose by Carol Stanley is a beautiful story about a young girl, living in the biblical age of the prophets who is captured by bandits and taken to a strange land. Here is an extract from the book: Chapter One – Humble Beginnings Roza heaved a big sigh and shuddered slightly. She […]

Extract from Building Our Faith Walk

This epidemic has shattered many of our dreams and hopes for 2020 but we know that God is in control despite coronavirus. Building Our Faith Walk by Janet Wilson encourages us to connect and find meaning in our experiences, through poetry. God inspired Janet to write these poems to bring hope and encouragement to all those that […]

Extract from Freedom From Fear

If you want to break free from fear read Freedom from Fear by Kennedy R. Tajudeen who delves into how to break free from the bondage that Fear has over our lives; and to live in God’s truth! Here is an extract from the book: On January 19, 2010 while Ghana was enjoying her usual atmosphere […]

Extract from Straightforward Christianity

Straightforward Christianity by Nigel Scotland writes the plain truth for the plain man! How can following Jesus affect your life? Taken from the authors experiences, who has written 23 other books. CHAPTER 1 A Founder with Universal Appeal Of all the founders of the world’s religions Jesus has a universal appeal. This fact is powerfully […]

Extract from To God Be The Glory

Have you ever heard God calling you to do something and you do it? To God be the Glory by Keith & Pauline Evans is a book about what happens when you answer God’s call. KEITH’S TESTIMONY My testimony is all about God’s great love, mercy, grace and patience with a lost soul. This first story is […]