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Hints of Reality by Martin H Perry

Hints of Reality: Reality in Jesus, Jesus is life by Martin H. Perry.

A book of poetry is like a selection of music on a CD, or pictures hanging on a wall in art gallery. It tells of things the writer has seen, understood or experienced. He is trying to share his discovery or inspiration. The hope is that the reader will enjoy what they read. At the same time, they may gain new thoughts and insights, which will stimulate or encourage them. Eventually, it may lead to new breadths of vision concerning the great themes of life, like reality, relationships and especially God our Creator and Father.

“I have been writing poetry for many years but not seriously sought publication. I did have a regular poetry page in the quarterly Welsh Country Magazine. I grew up in Bristol, was an accounts clerk for a few years before going to theological college to train as a church minister. I served the Lord in the north-east before returning to Bristol. Since retiring, my wife Sally and I run a small but successful village shop, with me occasionally taking a service”.

– Martin H. Perry

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divine guidance the living god

Divine Guidance by Mark Walker

Divine Guidance, The Living God by Mark Walker

Here is a book which emphasizes, through personal experiences, powerful illustrations and carefully selected verses from Scripture, God’s part in that decision making process in marriage. It tells my story of how God has provided direction by means of the Bible and preaching of the Word, through conversation with others, through the Holy Spirit, through prayer and silence, through coincidences and, finally, through “fleeces.”

Worked as a missionary in Peru for over 12 years as a teacher, preacher and lecturer. Hence quite a bit of experience at preparing and presenting material. Theological qualifications include an M Th. (Aberdeen), BD (London) and a CDRS (Cambridge).

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Earth’s Final Chapter by John Hadden

Earth’s Final Chapter: The Book of Revelation is a chapter-by-chapter exposition of the Bible Book of Revelation. It details prophetic events soon to take place on earth, followed by thee return of Jesus Christ. It includes information on all major events including the Rapture, the Resurrection, the 7 seals/trumpets/vials, the Tribulation, Great Tribulation, Antichrist, Armageddon, Christ’s Millennium and His return.

John Hadden was born in Dunbar, Scotland. He studied at Dunbar Grammar School and later with the Open University, obtaining a BA (Hons) in Psychology and becoming a member of the British Psychological Society. He ran several social care programmed including drug rehabilitation, homeless accommodation, and independent-living training. A committed Christian for many years, John’s main Bible passion is found in the pages of the Book of Revelation. His hope is that Earth’s Final Chapter will be a source of blessing and understanding to many.

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