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The Plans I Have For You

Alan Batchelor has just published this must read book ‘The Plans I Have For You’.

It draws from talks that he has given at his local church, sermons which Alan reworked as studies from the word of God that can be read, rather than merely listened to. The subject matter covers a range of topics from both Old and the New Testament, but the message of God’s Love and His Grace shines through it all. It is an unchanging message, as God is unchanging and it is a message that men and women today need to hear in a world that is uncertain and often, to many, frightening.


Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, I have a degree in languages from Dublin University, Trinity College. I have had no formal training in the art of preaching, although many years at my place of work, the King’s School in Macclesfield, where I had responsibility for organising and frequently delivering the morning assembly, has given me a unique experience in communication to a wide range of listeners.

It has been an enormous privilege, a challenge and a responsibility to be asked to preach from time to time at my local church, Tytherington Family Worship Church in Macclesfield, and previously at the Good News Church in the same town. Both of these Church Fellowships hold the Word of God dear to their hearts and my sermons, I trust, reflect that. Perhaps they might more accurately be described as studies in the word God, since they do not often follow the usual sermon pattern of “say what you are going to say, say it with points beginning with the same letter, and then say what you have said.” – Written by Alan Batchelor

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Christian Books for Children

Are you looking for some Christian children’s books to read to your children? Reading books to our children helps them learn and improve language skills for communication. With Christian you get the added benefit of teaching them about their Creator and Christian values. As families spend more time together in these unprecedented times, what better time to read to your children beautiful stories and share important times together.

Some children’s books available to entertain them this holidays are:

Jungle Tales

Jungle Tales

A wonderful children books based on two main animal characters (Lenny and Mick) who get up to comical adventures with each story ending with a biblical teaching. Great for children ages 8 – 16!

The Greatest Tales

When a group of children are talking about heaven and how to get there, a wise old women interrupts them – she wants to tell them a story. The children love stories, so they settle down to listen to an amazing story about the discontented Sam who lives in a town called Rainbow. After listening to Mr. Bright going on and on about some ‘fabulous treasure’, Sam decides to search for it. One day, armed with a packed lunch, he chases a rainbow right out of town, hoping to find the famed pot of gold at the end of it. But to his great disappointment, the rainbow disappears. Frustrated, he goes in search of Mr. Bright who finally tells him that the greatest treasure he can have is to ‘ask Jesus into [his] heart’. Sam is so pleased to have finally found this real treasure that impulsively, he gives the old man his lunch.

Humpfrey & the Hug of Bears

Follow Humpfrey and his friends as they encounter situations in their daily lives which reflect one of the Ten Commandments. Meet Robert who was light fingered but was persuaded to turn over a new leaf and stop stealing. Then learn how Victor had a valuable lesson in putting God first before his X-Box and computer. The hug of bears have fun along the want.

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stand keep standing

Extract from Stand and Keep Standing

A true story of how God brought the author through rejection, hurt and brokenness. How God taught her to stand and keep standing on His word and promise until there was breakthrough.

“My childhood was not always a happy one. I did not have a close relationship with my Mother. She never showed any emotion to me, no hugs or affection. I was a modern-day Cinderella and did lots of the cooking and housework…

She did not want to kiss me, if I went to kiss her goodnight; she would turn her face on the side and put her arm up so I would end up kissing her cheek. I don’t know why she was like that, perhaps she did not know herself, but she behaved differently with my two brothers…..

All children need to have that love from their parents before the go elsewhere for it. All children need to feel confident in them and encouraged to feel that they are special.”

Written by Gail Grimshaw

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Sweet Holy Spirit - christian books

Sweet Holy Spirit

This is a mind-blowing and inspirational memoir of a young boy from Africa, who had an encounter with the Person of the Holy Spirit in 2018. ‘Sweet Holy Spirit’ is written by Joshua Abraham.

At the age of 22, Joshua lost his beloved mother; she was his greatest companion. In the bid to find solace, he started learning about the Person and Ministry of the Holy Spirit from several books and messages. By the time he was 23 years old, during the early hours of a Sunday, he had a very dramatic encounter with the comforter; the Holy Spirit. He has since then found rest and peace walking with Him. This book ‘Sweet Holy Spirit’ provides a template that anyone can follow to encountering the Holy Spirit, as well as an intricately captured insight of the Person and Ministry of the Holy Spirit.




towards effective teaching - christian books

Towards Effective Teaching

This new book, by Edwin Pugh, draws on examples from the Gospels looking at some of the methods Jesus used in teaching his disciples his spiritual truths.

It shows how he captivated the imaginations of those listening, how he instilled them with God’s truths and equipped them to do His work. Examples are given of him preaching, , giving a demonstration, using a case-study, setting a project and mentoring his followers.

Teaching is not just about technique. It is about who you are. Drawing on Jesus we look at the qualities required to be an effective Christian teacher. This book is written for those who wish to become better teachers as well as those who are interested in catching a glimpse of the techniques Jesus used.


“I am a retired medical consultant and professor. I have been involved in medical education and the teaching of educational theory and practice to medical staff for many years. I hold a qualification in medical education. I am also a Christian and have been involved in teaching for many years as part of Christian service both in the UK and overseas. “

– Edwin Pugh




God Can By Tanya Lord - christian books

Building Our Faith Walk

Janet Wilson has been a committed Christian since the age of 18 and has never looked back. She is currently a member of a Charismatic Church, and actively involved in their Prayer Ministry and has a prophetic gift.

This epidemic has shattered many of our dreams and hopes for 2020 but we know that God is in control despite coronavirus. We don’t know His divine plans in all of this but as the Bible promises us He never leaves us nor forsakes us and this book of poetry is there to bring that message to light as I felt that God inspired me to write these poems to bring hope and encouragement to all those that have suffered one way or another through the pandemic.

The proceeds of this book will be donated to the NHS (National Health Service) in the UK for the remarkable work they have done being in the frontline.