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What does it take to be a writer?

Many have asked the question, what does it take to be a writer? Motivation! That’s the answer, plain and simple.

Motivation is the key in becoming a great writer, it means to be dedicated to writing whether you feel your book will be a success or not. It is being committed to continually write whether you feel like it or not. Whether you have time or not, whether there is just too much going on. You need to set your mind to write.

Most writers set a time every day where they will sit and write for a few hours. For instance, every morning, you could set time to write from 10 – 1pm. If you are working, you could do this in the evening by setting a time every night or three times a week for three hours in an evening. You will be amazed after a few weeks, how easy it will become to sit and write.

It’s said that to get into the habit of doing something, you need to spend 18 times doing that thing and you will automatically start doing it without thinking of it. Above all ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and help you get motivated to write everyday and you will be amazed at what you will accomplish with His help! Happy writing!


Christian Gifts

Everybody is rushing to buy gifts for their friends, family, work colleagues, neighbours and others during Christmas. Have you ever thought of buying a Christian present? What do I mean by this? Well, by buying a gift that has something to do with Christianity like Christian jewellery, a Christian book, a preaching CD from a preacher you think would help or benefit that person. You never know the impact that gift can have on that person, it can be the start of a conversation around your faith where the seed of salvation can be planted or it can lead to the person wanting to find out more by buying more products on the Christian faith. Always ask the Holy Spirit to lead you in what Christian gift to buy and see where He will lead you. Happy Shopping!

Publish Books

Spread the Good News through publishing Christian Books

A great way for Christians to get the word out is through writing Christian books. Millions of people around the world are seeking answers and many go onto popular websites like Amazon to find books they can read on questions they have before even thinking of opening the Bible. Your book may be the answer to those people that are looking for answers to their problems or questions answered and through your book, they can come to know Christ Jesus. Hence, your book can be a powerful tool to evangelize and introduce people to the Messiah!