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Coming soon
‘For Those Being Crushed’
by Camilla Olim

Here is a preview of Camilla Olims’ book, For Those Being Crushed, soon to be published. This book is intended to encourage, equip and persuade Christians to confront what may be our biggest ‘social justice’ blind spot – abortion.

Acknowledging that our silence has, to some degree, equated to complicity, it also proposes that the Church has a vital part to play in turning the tide on an issue close to God’s heart. This book uses Scripture to demonstrate that abortion matters to God and therefore, it should also matter to us.

‘This book – clear and challenging, passionate and persuasive, well-researched and well written – should change our attitudes and actions. Revd Canon J. John and Evangelist comments.

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We are open to new submissions

For an aspiring Christian writer you worry about finding a publisher that shares your views and publishes books with Christian themes and morals. Sharing the word of God to people is an honourable journey and having the right publishers to see your vision is important.

Kingdom Publishers are open to submissions, with a Christian fiction and non fiction theme, that are inline with God’s word. We accept manuscripts of 5,000-50,000 words, for publication and will not read anything outside the literary genre. Response times can vary and can take up to 6 weeks, so please remain patient during the review process.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Submit your book proposal – a short description of your manuscript no more than 500 words, include word count, theme, contact details and any other relevant information.
  2. Send three chapters – if we want to read more we will ask you to send three chapters of the book electronically as a single Word document and not separate chapters.
  3. Send whole manuscript – if we are happy with the three chapters, we will ask to see the whole manuscript, again electronically as a single Word document. There is NO Guarantee that we will accept the book after reviewing the whole manuscript.
  4. Acceptance of manuscript – we will ask for you to choose the publishing package and sign our publishing agreement.
  5. Start Publishing Process

As a Christian writer, you have prayed about the kind of message you want to put across. Keep on praying, even after you have submitted your manuscript. You may have just handed in the next best seller!

Our team are committed Christians publishing quality and contemporary Christian books only. These may include: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, devotionals, children’s books and youth books.

As publishers we source our books to distributors who reach 39,000 retailers, libraries, schools and distribution partners in 220 countries and territories around the world.

Kingdom Publishers are accepting new submissions from both new and previously published authors. See here for more about publishing with us.

We look forward to reading your work!

Reflections of my heart - christian books

Coming soon
‘Reflections of My Heart’ by Melanie Booth

Here is a preview of Melanie Booth’s book which is poetry and reflections on her journey, that of having Bipolar. It is written with a Christian emphasis; God’s love has been her strength throughout. It details her times of depression, also elation, and how she found a way through both, with God’s help and other people’s.

These poems and writings are personal to Melanie and she hopes they will bring others upliftment and strength through poetry and Gods love. She now practices Complementary therapies. All proceeds go to the Leprosy Mission.

Will be available soon!

cover nicodemus

Coming soon
‘Nicodemos You Must Be Born Again’
by Pastor Abraham

Get a sneak peek at Pastor Abraham’s new book, ‘Nicodemus you must be born again’ which is soon to be published and available for purchase. This book is a complete self-interpreted message to the children and the men of God, who have been in ministry for many years, claim to be doing well in ministry, but still need to be born again.

Some have promoted themselves to Bishops, Apostles, Pastors, Prophets and Evangelists and are still looking forward to what would make them great in the sight of men but in the sight of God they are Nicodemus who needs to be born again of water and of the Spirit in JESUS’ name for the remissions of their sins.

This is a must read especially for our leaders of today.

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