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Just published! Ahab, The Real Authority Behind Jezebel by Sandi Niven.

Fake news has become the order of the day as newscasters and journalists lie with impunity! I liken them to the false prophets of Baal who ‘divined’ during the reign of Ahab and Jezebel.

It is time for the Church to wake up to the fact that she is intended to affect the world positively around her. Once she does, only then will things begin to change.

Sadly, we are the reason for the season!

Excerpt from Ahab, The Real Authority Behind Jezebel

Never has it been more important to expose the Ahab spirit than at ‘such a time as this’. Whilst Ahab gives Jezebel authority, she will continue to hold open the door to Divination and every other demonic force the enemy can throw at us.

When the Lord recently spoke these words, “Divination is rife in the world today”, I realised that writing this book was all the more urgent!

Divination is rife in the church and therefore rife in the world around us. Just watch the ‘fake’ news in all forms of the media.

Not only is the Church playing Ahab to that Jezebel spirit but so is the world and while we sit in ignorance the enemy gains ground.

The false prophets are fomenting violence and, while the church allows them the platform by playing Ahab to that spirit, it will only get worse! – by Sandi Niven

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a universe apart against the tide

A Universe Apart Against the Tide

Just published! A Universe Apart Against the Tide by John Cockerill

The erroneous religion of evolution is robbing millions of an open ear to the gospel, many Christians are confused and adopting theories that may placate their confusion. In simple terms, through nature, prophecy, common sense and logic I attempt to expose the weakness of evolutions stance, and cast iron proven claims of Biblical prophecy.

About the author

Like Elihu in Job 32, I am full or words. Saved at 32 through familiar spirit involvement, some publicity, interview on Revelation TV, retired refrigeration engineer, at present my church is Assemblies of God.

My wife and I were involved in the setting up of a church on our estate, our house was a magnet for young people. I still do help out with the youth meeting at my church. I have kept note of the creation/evolution debate now for around 50 years and have a desire to communicate my thoughts on the subject.

I have no academic qualification to offer, however I feel the debate I have written of is too often couched in scientific esoteric language, often leaving more questions than answers. I have written out testimony into the book, chapter 8, as evidence of the truth of a spiritual dimension.

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A Curious Collection of Christian Poems - christian books

A Curious Collection of Christian Poems

Just published! A Curious Collection of Christian Poems by Joanna Yusuf.

a curious collection of christian poemsA Curious Collection of Christian Poems is an assembly of 34 unique and quirky poems that have been inspired by Almighty God, to glorify Him, and to bless us. The one common theme running throughout every poem is the fact that they all point to God. This book can be devotional, and indeed it can be recited time and time again to bless others or to bless oneself. It will make an excellent gift for loved ones who know the Lord, or for those who are seeking him during these unsettled and unprecedented times. This diverse collection of uplifting poems will surely put a smile on your face, and a warm glow in your heart.

About the author

As a child, Joanna and her sister would sit down on rare and special occasions with their mother, to listen as she narrated the most hilarious, intriguing, mysterious, stories ever, leaving the sisters in ‘stiches’ and begging for more. It was a real treat!

joannaIt can be said that these experiences first sparked off Joanna’s love of ‘storytelling’ and ‘writing’. and although she wrote a couple of short stories early on, nothing more really became of her passion at that time. Instead, Joanna moved on the her life, later receiving a BA Degree in Industrial Design from Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria. It was while she was there that the gospel was shared with her, and Joanna later felt God inspiring her to write Christian material, and hence began the start of her poetry journey.

Joanna would later regularly share her poems with her church and her local community and today she is thankful to God for making it possible for her to share them with an even wider audience. Joanna is currently medically retired, having worked in the Criminal Justice System for more than 30 years. She currently lives in Surrey with Costa (her little dog).

This diverse collection of uplifting poems will surely put a smile on your face, and a warm glow in your heart.

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Voice in the Wilderness

Just published! Linda Plant’s second book with us, Voice in the Wilderness.

For the Christian there is no promise that the sun will always shine and that winter winds will be kept from our experience. We set out upon a great adventure of faith, it is a journey of life and perhaps the turning of the road will be much different that we could have ever expected! For us, this was a journey set in God’s calling and answered faithfully. The outworking of that journey, would we have still made, had we known the terrible cost it would inflict upon our lives? Oh, yes, we would still make the same choice, even now! The call, is all that counts. We respond to His will and His purposes. It is a privilege to walk upon the beautiful pathway, which is a service to our Lord Jesus Christ, no matter what! – Linda Plant

About the author

I am not qualified at all! I have simply found myself in a place where I have listened as the Holy Spirit has inspired my heart. All that I write is the flowing of the word of God into my heart, it is the inspiration of the never ceasing love of God which maintains us when the storm winds blow and we find ourselves cast upon the rocks.

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divine guidance the living god

Coming soon
Divine Guidance by Mark Walker

Here is a preview of Divine Guidance, The Living God by Mark Walker, soon to be published.

“It must be the biggest decision we have to make, or at least up there as one of the biggest. Who am I going to marry?” The opening words to my book entitled Divine Guidance. And who doesn’t have big decisions to make in their lives, be it work related, health, family…? Here is a book which emphasizes, through personal experiences, powerful illustrations and carefully selected verses from Scripture, God’s part in that decision making process. It tells my story of how God has provided direction by means of the Bible and preaching of the Word, through conversation with others, through the Holy Spirit, through prayer and silence, through coincidences and, finally, through “fleeces.”
But there is so much more….by Mark Walker

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