Christian Publishing and the eBook Boom

Electronic books, also known as eBooks, have become a popular means of getting literature to readers. The ales of electronic books have by far surpassed those of hardcover and paperback editions. Christian Publishers UK have embraced this kind of dissemination, with a wide range of publications available for Christian readers.

The audience for digital Christian books has continued to grow over the years. Many publishers have seen it grow exponentially and have structured their online stores to provide eBooks for their readers. How has the eBook boom affected the Christian publishing environment?

The Copyright Issue

The copyright issue was quite a sensitive one, when eBooks were launched. One book would eventually and up being distributed to so many people, thereby denying the author and publisher their dues for the intellectual property.

The main distribution software developers eventually developed ways in which copyrights could be protected. Digital signatures were developed which meant that a digital product could only be downloaded once to a particular computer or Smart device, and could not be distributed beyond that device.

This was great news for Christian Publishers UK and the world over. Finally digital books were protected and they could publish without fear. This kind of protection further accelerated the use of eBooks as a means of disseminating published Christian works.

More authors can be accommodated

Traditionally, Christian Publishers UK would have a warehouse where they would store books from the authors that they publish. There is a limit to the number of slots that you can have in a warehouse for such books. When it comes to eBooks, such limits become obsolete.

Christian Publishers UK were able to concentrate on quality without thinking of the confines of quality. It can take about 6 to 12 months to print a book, right from the manuscript stage to the final print edition, but when you look at digital eBooks, the final copy is ready within a very short time. This has resulted in more books being published in the digital platform within the same time that it would take to publish a single book.

The costs associated with printing books are minimized when it comes to digital eBooks. Christian Publishers UK have given authors a means of earning money from their published work, without having to incur large initial costs. Some authors prefer to have their printed editions done after they have reached certain sales benchmarks for their digital versions. This means that they will have some money to cover the costs of printing their books.

Christian Publishers UK have digital Christian eBooks from great authors such as Pastors Andy and Maria Yiangou. Their books appeal to both young and old, and have valuable Christian Lessons to teach. Publishers have taken up digital publishing to easily give people from all over the world, access to such inspiring books. Spreading the Word of God is not as difficult as it used to be in the past. eBooks have ensured that the books can be easily downloaded from Christian Publishers such as Kingdom Publishers UK.


Non-Human Characters Relatable When It Comes to Christian Publishing

The Veggie Tales books and movies have enjoyed a fantastic following, both young and old. These cartoon vegetable characters are used to tell some of the most amazing Christian stories ever. They have been cleverly used in teaching Christian values to children for decades. Christian publishers UK have a vast collection of similar books and movies that can be used to teach children about the basic tenets of Christianity.

How these characters affect the young psyche

Growing up, you must have had your own favorite characters in the books and movies that you used to watch. Children especially love cartoon characters, who fulfill that magical aspect of life, that they innately feel is in existence.

The imaginary world that children create when they read and watch movies that involve non-human characters gives a lot of credence to the truth that is found in Christianity. Christianity may seem baffling to the young mind, but children need to see the reason and sense that Christianity brings to the ultimate state that humans strive for.

This is where Christian Publishers UK and authors come in. They need to think of ways in which Christian tenets can be elaborated using the characters that children love. Herein lies the success of Veggie Tales and others of the same nature. Children love the stories and the songs that are used in these movies and books.

The impressionable minds of young children are ready to assimilate Christian values as long as they are disseminated in a manner that is interesting to them. You may have noticed that you child knows a particularsongs from a cartoon show, which you have never paid attention to. The young mind is geared this way, and Christian Publishers UK should take note of this and produce material that will be relatable to these young kids.

It is not all song and dance

Teaching Christian values to children is not all about the rosy aspects of Christianity. Christian Publishers UK should try and give a well-rounded lesson to these young minds. They have to know that evil exists in the world, and it is always rearing its head up at the most unexpected times. These children should be equipped with the ammunition to find answers to every situation in the lessons they learn.

The stories that Christian Publishers UK give to young children should embrace real-lifesituations. When you look at some of the stories found in Pastor Andy Yiangou’s Jungle Tales, you see that there re situations that are not perfect, and how the characters overcome these situations. The stories go ahead and paint the final lesson at the end, so the child can understand what basic tenet was embodied in the story.

Christian publishers UK need to use non-human characters, who are easily loved by children, to teach more about the Bible and Christianity as a whole. This way, the young generation will grow up into a healthy, Christian population, ready to turn the world towards Christianity simply because of the lessons that they leaned from an early age.

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Christian Publishing Embraces Folklore to Spread the Good Word

It has been the norm to think that anything that is not rooted in Christianity is detrimental to the development of Christian values in children. Many believe that folklore contains too much paganism and can lead children astray from a Christian upbringing. However, tales and folklore can be used to cultivate Christian values in young minds.

Christian children are able to tell that the characters in some of the folklores are fictional, but they stull identify with them to some level. When you talk about the Legends of King Arthur, and how he defeated evil dragons, the Christian child can relate this to how good always wins over evil, and he or she will be convinced to embrace the good values taught in Christianity. Christian publishers are now realizing that characters found in folklore can be used to teach Christian values in a manner that children can relate to.

How to start using folklore in Christian publishing for children

Christian Publishers need to look at how children start off learning to read and write, and how this can be used in developing Christianity from an early age. Children start off by listening to what parents read to them, and also reciting nursery rhymes. Publishers should look at rhymes and simple stories that children can understand, but have a basis in Christianity.

The next stage is that of folklore and tales –Most tales and folklore talk about the basic good that is found in humanity. Granted, there are some evil characters in these tales, who eventually get defeated, but the good characters outshine the bad. Folklore embraces basic human desires and experiences, which are eventually fulfilled by having a good spiritual life. Getting children to have an understanding of the good that is enshrined in folklore will help them understand the basic tenets of Christianity.

Why folklore?

There are many stories contained in the Gospel, and they contain marvelous, moving and artistic form. Similarly, there are stories contained in folklore that have the same characteristics. Christian Publishers have a vast wealth of stories with characters who can be molded to fit a story with deep Christian values. Children will already be familiar with the characters, and this new twist in the stories will have a profound effect on their minds.

Children will always relate to the charactersin the stories that they hear, and will usually imagine themselves taking part in the events unfolding in the stories. When they hear about a magical land, filled with great people and animals, they want to instantly be transported there in their minds. Christian Publishers should take advantage of this desire to tell Children about Heaven and the fulfillment in going to meet their maker after life here on earth.

Pastor Andy Yiangou has published a book entitled “Jungle Tales” which tell stories of various events in Karoomba Jungle, which have a deep Christian lesson to teach. Christian Publishers are today looking for such stories to help develop Christianity in young children.

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Can Fiction Be Used to Teach Valuable Christian Life Values?

Normally, works of fiction are usually associated with the secular world. Whenever you read a book based on fiction, you tend to have a feeling that no valuable Christian tenets could be found in the book. Granted, fictional books have a heavy leaning towards the secular world but these works can still be used to teach Christian values. A Christian Bookstore should have such books in their stocks.

At one time, a heated argument arose out of the issues surrounding the “Lord of the Rings” Trilogy. It all started out when one of the participants asked the brother for the trilogy to go and watch at home. The lady in question was a staunch Christian and her brother wondered why she would want to watch the series.

Now here is a lesson that any Christian Bookstore should bear in mind. The Trilogy can be likened to the journey of a Christian, passing through trials and tribulations, in order to defeat an overbearing evil presence and reach the Promised Land. The Bible is full of such stories, where a Christian is in the wilderness, facing evil and temptation and how eventually the Christian prevails.

Fiction is appealing, but should be chosen wisely

Any Christian Book store can opt to sell fictional books that have a strong Christian leaning. However, the choice of such boos should be done with care. The books should always teach the true values of Christianity, even as they entertain the reader.

A great example of how fiction can be used to tell Christian stories can be found in tales by Dr. Seuss – “The Grinch That Stole Christmas”. It tells of a Grinch who was never happy when people in the village below enjoyed Christmas, and eventually stole Christmas one day. The story unfolds and ends up with the Grinch giving back Christmas, and actually having a life-changing revelation about the true spirit of Christmas.

Thinking of how such an interesting fictional tale is used to teach a great Christian tenet, shows the potential that fiction has in spreading the Good Word. The example used above may be a bit simplistic, but there are fictional books targeted at adults that have the same desired effect.

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The challenge for authors and publishers

Authors and Publishers need to find ways in which fiction can be used to teach Christian values to people of all ages. A Christian Book store should have a wide range of books, both fictional and non-fictional to cater for the interests of their readers. It should be remembered that people enjoy different types of books, and the core message must be spread using all these available channels.

The Christian Book store known as Kingdom Publishers, has exception fictional books, such as Jungle Tales by Pastor Andy Yiangou, which has stories based on the fictional Karoomba Jungle and the characters who live there. Each story has a beautiful Christian lesson to teach. Fiction can truly be used properly to teach people about the value of the Bible and Christianity.


Christian Publishing is ushered into the New World

Some Christian writers have accepted that they have to keep up with the new-age type of writing and publishing in order to get their message across to their targeted audience. Gone are the Good Old Days, when authors did the writing and left everything to the publisher. Although many people still enjoy having a good paperback to read while relaxing or going to bed, new ways of publishing have made an indelible mark in the publishing world, and Christian publishers must step up and embrace the new methods.

The challenges facing Christian authors today

Today, Christian publishers face some steep obstacles when it comes to getting readers to love their books. Apart from coming up with a good book, they also have to build an engaging online presence travel, speak, give interviews and build a healthy social media following, in order to be successful.
The challenges affect the writing capability of most authors, who now have to spend more time building an audience and marketing their books.

Although the past methods did give Christian authors more time to come up with more titles, they had very little control over the intellectual property that they were creating. The Christian publishers would decide on the prices of the book, the marketing channels and a lot more, leaving the writers with very little in hand.

The flip side associated with writing today, is that although the authors have more control over their work, most of their time is spent marketing the books that they write. In the past, a writer could create two or three books a year, but today they can only write a single book and spend the rest of the year marketing it.

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Opportunities presented to Christian Writers today

The Internet and social media have presented Christian writers with new avenues of influencing their prospective readers and building a following that eventually brings a lot of buyers for their books.
There are Christian influencers who have used YouTube to build a following, before launching their first books, which usually end up becoming best sellers. Blogs have also been used to achieve the same purpose as these YouTube channels.

Christian publishing now

There are websites, such as Kingdom Publishers that already have a great following with readers eagerly waiting to see which new titles will be released. Christian authors can once again concentrate on writing inspiring books, which touch a lot of people, while leaving the online marketing to the Christian publishers.
Pastor Maria Yiangou is one of the authors who have released titles on Kingdom Publishing, and they have achieved what many could not do on their own. Such partnerships are slowly replacing the traditional Christian Publishing model, with far better results.

Reading one of her books, “Deliverance: Your Key to Freedom”, you can almost feel the relationship between the freedom and deliverance of the individual Christian, and how the deliverance of Christian publishers platforms could help spread the Word of God further. Take a moment and read an excerpt of the books she has written and find the true Word as it relates to this new world that we live in.