Christian Publishing is ushered into the New World

Some Christian writers have accepted that they have to keep up with the new-age type of writing and publishing in order to get their message across to their targeted audience. Gone are the Good Old Days, when authors did the writing and left everything to the publisher. Although many people still enjoy having a good paperback to read while relaxing or going to bed, new ways of publishing have made an indelible mark in the publishing world, and Christian publishers must step up and embrace the new methods.

The challenges facing Christian authors today

Today, Christian publishers face some steep obstacles when it comes to getting readers to love their books. Apart from coming up with a good book, they also have to build an engaging online presence travel, speak, give interviews and build a healthy social media following, in order to be successful.
The challenges affect the writing capability of most authors, who now have to spend more time building an audience and marketing their books.

Although the past methods did give Christian authors more time to come up with more titles, they had very little control over the intellectual property that they were creating. The Christian publishers would decide on the prices of the book, the marketing channels and a lot more, leaving the writers with very little in hand.

The flip side associated with writing today, is that although the authors have more control over their work, most of their time is spent marketing the books that they write. In the past, a writer could create two or three books a year, but today they can only write a single book and spend the rest of the year marketing it.

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Opportunities presented to Christian Writers today

The Internet and social media have presented Christian writers with new avenues of influencing their prospective readers and building a following that eventually brings a lot of buyers for their books.
There are Christian influencers who have used YouTube to build a following, before launching their first books, which usually end up becoming best sellers. Blogs have also been used to achieve the same purpose as these YouTube channels.

Christian publishing now

There are websites, such as Kingdom Publishers that already have a great following with readers eagerly waiting to see which new titles will be released. Christian authors can once again concentrate on writing inspiring books, which touch a lot of people, while leaving the online marketing to the Christian publishers.
Pastor Maria Yiangou is one of the authors who have released titles on Kingdom Publishing, and they have achieved what many could not do on their own. Such partnerships are slowly replacing the traditional Christian Publishing model, with far better results.

Reading one of her books, “Deliverance: Your Key to Freedom”, you can almost feel the relationship between the freedom and deliverance of the individual Christian, and how the deliverance of Christian publishers platforms could help spread the Word of God further. Take a moment and read an excerpt of the books she has written and find the true Word as it relates to this new world that we live in.