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At Kingdom Publishers, our passion lies in embracing the prophetic and eagerly seeking out new voices within the Kingdom of God. While we highly value the established prophetic Voice Ministries and renowned figures like prophetic voice Sharon Stone, we also believe in the importance of hearing from a diverse range of prophetic voices meaning. We understand that the prophetic voice is not limited to a select few. It is a gift bestowed upon individuals who have been called to speak on behalf of God, delivering messages that are inspired and guided by divine wisdom. We believe that by opening ourselves up to new voices, we can gain fresh perspectives and insights that can take our understanding and experience of the next level for prophetic people.

At Kingdom Publishers, we recognize that each person’s prophetic voice holds unique meaning and significance. It is through this diversity that we can truly grasp the fullness of what God is speaking to His people to take to the next level for prophetic people. By embracing different perspectives, we create an environment where all are welcome to share their experiences and revelations.

While we hold great respect for established ministries and influential figures such as prophetic voice Sharon Stone, it is essential for us to explore beyond familiar territory. By doing so, we open ourselves up to new blessings and revelations from other gifted individuals who may bring forth profound insights into God’s plans for His Kingdom.

So join us at Kingdom Publishers as we celebrate both well-known prophets and emerging voices alike. Let us come together in unity as one body, eager to be blessed by what each unique prophetic voice has to offer. Together, let us seek a deeper understanding of God’s purposes for His people through diverse perspectives within the realm of prophecy.

While we greatly value and respect renowned prophetic voices meaning such as prophetic voice Sharon Stone and Prophetic Voice Ministries, we also believe in embracing new voices that may not yet be widely known. We understand that there is a vast pool of gifted individuals with unique perspectives and revelations waiting to be discovered.

Exploring new prophetic voices ministries allows us to broaden our understanding of the prophetic voice meaning itself. It opens doors to diverse interpretations, meanings, and expressions of this powerful gift. By listening to these voices, we can be blessed with fresh revelations and gain a deeper understanding of what God is speaking in this season.

At Kingdom Publishers, we believe that every voice has something valuable to contribute to the Body of Christ. We encourage all prophetic individuals to step forward with confidence and share their unique insights and take to the next level for prophetic people. Together, let us embrace the fullness of God’s prophetic voice as it resonates through His chosen vessels.


Prophetic voice ministries

At Kingdom Publishers, our love for the prophetic runs deep. We are always eager to hear new prophetic voice emerging within the Kingdom of God. While we greatly value the insights and teachings of established prophetic voice ministries and influential figures like Sharon Stone, we also believe in the importance of embracing fresh perspectives. These voices carry profound meaning and wisdom that can guide and inspire individuals on their spiritual path. While Prophetic Voice Sharon Stone have made a significant impact, we recognize that there are many other gifted individuals out there who have been anointed with next-level for prophetic people voice. At Kingdom Publishers, we actively seek out these prophetic voice meaning to be blessed by their messages and gain insight into what they are saying.

We believe that by embracing a diverse range of prophetic voice, we can experience a richer understanding of God’s plans and purposes for our lives. It is through this openness that we can truly grow in our faith and be inspired by the depth of revelation found within each unique voice. Understanding the significance of prophetic voices is crucial for those seeking to go to the next level in their prophetic journey

While we hold great respect for established prophetic Voice Ministries and renowned figures like prophetic voice Sharon Stone, we believe in the importance of embracing and being blessed by a diverse range of voices.

We understand that the prophetic realm is constantly evolving, and new voices bring fresh perspectives and insights. These prophetic voice meaning have the potential to take us to the next- level for prophetic people in our understanding and application of prophetic principles.

When we talk about the “prophetic voice,” we refer to individuals who have been uniquely gifted by God with an ability to convey His messages, intentions, and guidance. Prophetic Voice Ministries play a crucial role in nurturing and equipping these individuals, helping them refine their gifts.

While prophetic voice Sharon Stone is widely recognized as a prominent prophetess, it is essential not to limit ourselves solely to her teachings. By exploring other prophetic voice meaning for next level for prophetic people, we open ourselves up to a broader understanding of God’s plans for His people.

At Kingdom Publishers, we encourage you to embrace these new voices with an open heart and mind. Let us come together as a community united in our pursuit of truth and revelation from our Heavenly Father.


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Christian book and music store near me

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Sheet music christian book pdf

At Kingdom Publishers, we understand the importance of equipping both youth ministers and musicians with the right resources to take their ministry to new heights. That’s why we offer a wide variety of resources, including sheet music book christian, Christian music booking agents, Christian music books and Christian piano music books. Our sheet music Christian book pdf is easy to access online.

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Furthermore, our selection of Christian music books covers a broad range of topics such as songwriting techniques, worship leadership principles, and musical theory from a faith-based perspective. These resources serve as invaluable tools for musicians seeking to deepen their understanding of the craft while staying true to their Christian beliefs.

For those specifically interested in piano arrangements, our collection of Christian piano music books offers an array of compositions tailored for pianists of various skill levels. Whether you’re an experienced pianist or just starting out on your musical journey, this Christian piano music books will provide you with beautiful arrangements that can be used in personal practice or during worship services.

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Youth Christian resources

Welcome to Kingdom Publishers, your go-to source for youth Christian resources specifically designed for youth ministers and children’s ministries. We understand the importance of equipping our youth leaders and Sunday school teachers with the necessary tools to facilitate classes effectively and promote a deeper understanding of faith. Our collection of free Christian youth ministry resources is carefully curated to provide a wide range of materials that cater to the unique needs of young minds. From engaging curriculum guides to interactive activities, we offer a variety of resources that will empower you in your mission to guide and inspire the next generation. At Kingdom Publishers, we believe in the power of knowledge and creativity when it comes to nurturing young souls. Our Fire Power Christian Resource Center is a treasure trove filled with captivating materials that will ignite their passion for learning about God’s word. Whether you’re looking for Bible studies, devotional guides, or fun-filled games with spiritual lessons, our resource center has it all.

We understand that children’s ministries play an integral role in shaping young hearts and minds. That’s why our comprehensive selection of free Christian resources is designed to support Sunday school teachers in delivering impactful lessons that resonate with children on a personal level.

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We understand the importance of providing high-quality materials that not only engage the youth but also deepen their understanding of faith. That’s why we offer a wide range of free Christian youth ministry resources that are both informative and inspiring.

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Best Autobiography and Biography Books

If your looking for an inspirational book, look no further than these 7 autobiography and biography books to read! Check them out, and let us know what you think!

The Spiritual Journey of a Very Imperfect Man: Part 1 – A Rollercoaster Life

the spiritual journey of a very imperfect man - christian books“Part 1 covers the lives of the young Graham and Audrie (Aud) Martin, how we got hitched, the beginnings of our spiritual journeys, and then gradually follows on to how, at 60 years old, I experienced a complete mental breakdown….and how I survived.”

Every tunnel, no matter how dark, has a light at the end when Christ is involved, even if this cannot be perceived at the time. Back in the day, as a young man, I had strong atheistic views and consistently believed the Bible to be a load of rubbish right up until the time I read it. This aggressive and confrontational approach persisted until my mid-twenties when, after a long struggle, God immediately answered my ‘exploratory prayer’ to convert my best friend, Bill Collins, who was living in California at the time.

God Can…

God Can By Tanya Lord - christian booksGod can… inspires and encourages readers to confidently believe in the power of prayer and be expectant than God can and is easily able to do superabundantly more than we dare imagine! God is very much interested in our ‘day to day’ lives and so very much more. This book inspires readers that miracles, signs and wonders can and do happen every day.

She may just be an ordinary housewife, but she loves Jesus and has seen Him do amazing things and has experienced his love and favour, proving He can do what seems impossible making it possible.

Evidence for Conviction

evidence for conviction - christian booksAs a Police Detective I spent much of my time gathering evidence in cases to secure a conviction at court. Evidence For Conviction explores another kind of conviction. That unshakable belief that there is a God and that the bible is his authentic and trustworthy word. This book was inspired by my desire to explain to those closest to me, the grounds for my Christian beliefs. Written with two different groups of people in mind. Firstly, the sceptic, to demonstrate that far from being a blind faith, essentially a leap into the dark, Christianity is actually an evidence based faith. Hence in this sense it is a step out into light.

Divine Guidance

Divine Guidance - christian booksHere is a book which emphasizes, through personal experiences, powerful illustrations and carefully selected verses from Scripture, God’s part in that decision making process in marriage. It tells my story of how God has provided direction by means of the Bible and preaching of the Word, through conversation with others, through the Holy Spirit, through prayer and silence, through coincidences and, finally, through “fleeces.”



The Year God Introduced Himself With A Prayer For Non-Believers

The Year God Introduced Himself With A Prayer For Non-BelieversAs a child growing up in rural Suffolk, I was surrounded by the countryside, in awe of this amazing creation in which I lived. As a child every Sunday I would attend my village Sunday school. There the teachers would give us extracts from the Bible and the Scriptures and explain them to us, so that we would learn how our world was created and the importance of God in our lives.



Light in the Darkness

Light In The Darkness | Christian Autobiographies And Biographies - christian booksA collection of 100 blog entries that  follows the events of the first national Covid enforced lockdown in the Spring of 2020.

Starting as a pastime narrative of weekly musings, the author is called into a deeper reflection on his own faith and considers how the wider Christian community can respond to the growing fear and uncertainty brought about by the Global pandemic. Subsequently, this initial three month lockdown experience is seen through the eyes of a middle aged, middle class suburban family man who offers his own insights into events, sometimes with a touch of creative licence! Over the course of the writing the themes of hope and light emerge culminating in an ending that was as unexpected as it was welcoming to the writer and his family. God does work in very mysterious ways!


Hope you enjoyed this list of some of our favourite book with a personal testimony! If you’re looking for more gift recommendations or our latest titles subscribe to our monthly newsletter.


Steps towards Self Publishing

When most people think about self publishing, their hearts are filled with fear. This is an uncertain terrain for many aspiring Christian writers. They do not know which platform to use, which agent or publisher to use, and a lot more. We endeavor to put down some steps that one can use to make it as a self published Christian Writer.

Find the right Publisher

Always search for a publisher who shares your views. It is important that you pray before you go out and get a publisher. You need a publisher who publishes books which have Christian themes and morals. If you decide to publish where secular books are also being published, then your message may become diluted in the process. So always make sure that you really know the kind of publisher that you want before you start your grand self publishing journey.

A publisher who walks with you

You need to find a publisher who will walk with you through every step of this new literary journey. For a first time writer, this journey can be confusing and the publisher should be sensitive and patient with your requirements.  Every contact that you make within the organization should be ready to answer your questions and allay your fears and concerns.

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You want a publisher who will understand your vision right from the submission of your manuscript, all the way to viewing your cover image and design. They should have a deep understanding of what your objectives are in publishing the book. They should be willing to go out of their way to accommodate your vision for the book. The service should be exceptional and all-inclusive.

Get proper recommendations

You need to find people who will recommend you to certain Christian publishers. You should do your due diligence and find out which publisher is the best when it comes to publishing and marketing the book. Some publishers have a wide array of channels that they use to market your book. They should be enthusiastic in their efforts. Reading through some forums will help you get a clear picture of the publishers that are available for you.

Pray Always

The power of prayer is clear to every devout Christian. When you reach the point of writing your own book, you need to pray a lot for the vision of the book and also getting the right publisher. This may seem like a small matter to many, but it is not. Take time to pray before you even start structuring the book and let the Holy Spirit guide you on what you should do.

In conclusion

There are many other aspects that you should consider when you are staring off into self publishing. Not all Christian publishers may share your vision, and this could result in a frustrating process, and a bad result in the long run. The message of your book will not get to the people in the proper manner, and your vision will be diluted.


How to succeed in Christian Fiction Publishing

Christian Publishing has been fraught with a lot of challenges, especially for small publishing houses. The industry is dominated by just a few of the major publishing houses. So how does one succeed in this field of Christian publishing? There are a few strategies that smaller publishing houses are using and this article will take you through some of them.

Follow your readers

There are several subgenres within the Christian fiction industry. Some of the most popular are Amish, romance and holiday themes. These already are dominated by the major publishers and a small publisher would face a big challenge in succeeding I these subgenres. Well, one way that you can succeed in this area is to create a series of novels, which tell just a part of the full story. This strategy has successfully been used by some small publishing house, because it leaves the readers in suspense. Once the first one comes to its conclusion, it indicates that the story is not yet finished, and reads are let anticipating the release of the second novel.

Another way to follow readers is to write a historical fictional story. One can take the history of a successful personality and then research on the spiritual life of that person and write a quasi-fictional story that would show how the spirituality of the person influenced his or her success. For example, one could think of writing a spiritual story of Nelson Mandela and how his spirituality gave him strength through his struggle to end Apartheid.

Consider the libraries

Marketing channels are another challenge for smaller publishing houses that do not have the resources of the bigger publishers. When it comes to Christian fiction publishing, there is a great demand for books in libraries. The library editions should be in hard cover so they can stand being borrowed many times over.  Librarians play a great role in advising people on which the popular titles are, and also new releases, whether they come from small or big publishing houses.

Go for the mass markets

Mass marketing a book can be a costly affair, and this is where pooling of resources comes in. Several small publishing houses can pool resources and take a book to the mass markets. This model has the effect of having high sales volumes of the low-cost books, resulting in quick returns. This model is successfully used by large and established publishing houses.

There is a lot of soul searching going on within the circles of smaller Christian fiction publishing houses. They need to know how to survive in a very competitive industry. These strategies mentioned above are just a tip of the iceberg. It only requires some great imagination in order to break it big in this industry. Questions about whether they should use data or go by the gut and just publish are issues that they are looking into. New methods may be empirically researched or adopted just because they seem like “Good Ideas”.

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Becoming a Christian Author or Publisher

It is really great and encouraging that you are considering becoming a Christian writer or publisher. Getting the word of God to people is a truly noble and admirable venture. However, you need to know the proper way of becoming a Christian writer or publisher.

The first thing that you need to do is read all about the Christian publishing industry.  There are certain tenets that govern the industry, which are quite different from those of the secular publishing industry. For example, in the secular publishing industry, many people will use unethical marketing practices in order to drive traffic to their websites to maximize sales; in the Christian publishing industry, such methods are discouraged.

The next thing you need to do is think about your book as a business. You need to study the business like any other business, which means that you should know what your prospective readers want, and how you will put the message across to them.  This will require you to do some research of your own, and also talk to people about what kind of books they would like to read.

You need to look for a literary agent, and you may start off by following some of the best literary agents on social media such as Twitter or Facebook. Attend some writer conferences and introduce yourself to fellow writers and agents, and then connect with them on social media. You should also start reading their blogs. You may wonder why you need to read their blogs, but they have a lot of helpful information that you can use to build yourself as a writer or publisher. These blogs will carry information on what is going on in the world of Christian Publishing

In order to grow your knowledge and understanding of this industry, you should start commenting and also interacting with people online. Try to start up tops on forums and be a major contributor.

When you are preparing to take the next step and write a book, you should read the submission guidelines properly. If you want to be a publisher, you need to understand how you are going to launch your business and get writers to stock their books with you.

You should also avoid being the writer who is too aggressive in a negative manner. When you have your first manuscript, do not send pitches to literary agents on their social media, or hound them at conferences. They have very clear guidelines on how to submit your manuscript, and you should follow them.

As a Christian writer, you have prayed a lot about the kind of message you want to put across and also how it will perform in the market. Keep on praying even after you have submitted your manuscript. You may have just handed in the next best seller.

Keep strong in the belief that you will be a great writer. Becoming a Christian Author or Publisher has its challenges just as any other business, but with prayer, you can become successful in your endeavor.

Christian book sellers

Christian Publishing and Secular Holding Companies

Christian publishers who are owned by secular companies have always made for strange bedfellows. Christian publishers are bound by some ethics which they follow – one of the main ones is that they must always remain Christian in the materials that they produce. So what happens when a Christian publisher is owned by a secular company?

A certain case comes to mind, where one secular company produced a controversial book about gay Christianity, and the publisher had to ask that the ethics be examined. This brought to an end a business relationship that had endured for long. This case underscores the problems facing Christian publishers who are owned by secular companies.

Different ethics
A secular publisher will sell a book as long as it can bring about high readership volumes – the readership may be a result of outrage, excitement, amazement and more. Basically, as long as they are within the law in releasing a publication, secular companies will not balk at selling any book.

A Christian publisher is bound by the ethics that are in line with the teachings of the bible. Even if there is Christian fiction being sold, the titles have to show some Christian value. Children’s books are written about monsters and how they are defeated, but the whole story has to toe the thin line between a fairy tale and a horror story.

A tale of survival
In order for some publishing houses, Christian or secular, to survive in the tough publishing business, they sometimes form mergers. Some of the companies that run these mergers are strictly secular in the way they publish books. This is a story of survival, and sometimes it does not auger well for the Christian publisher. Stories of corporate battles over the kinds of books to publish are seen on the news every day.

Do Christian publishers have to work with profitable secular publishers in order to keep their books on the markets? This is an interesting question and this is because this is what happens most of the time. In rare cases is a Christian publisher acquired by another Christian publisher. Secular publishers have great incomes and funds, given that their titles are more widely sold. Christian publishers lack this financial backing and that is why they seek such mergers, which can sometimes be very embarrassing.

So what should be done?
Christian publishers need to find a way to merge and form bodes that can come together and pool resources to get financial and market stability. There are associations for Christian publishers but these are not run as enterprises. It is now time for Christian publishers to run a collective enterprise. They will be better positioned to compete with secular books once they do so. It is all up to the individual publishers now to think of other ways, other than getting acquired by secular companies.

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