I will never leave you

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I Will Never Leave You – My Presence Will Always Sustain You written by Mary Marriott, are fourteen narratives that were written at different times, covering most aspects of our lives, incorporating the Truths of, and in, God’s Word.

This short book is written for all Christians, having in mind particularly young adults, who, having left behind their childhood, are having to cope with the human metamorphosis into adulthood, an age which quite often is not understood by the older generation.

Mary Profile picAbout the Author

Mary Marriot was qualified by the Holy Spirit to write. She lived alone in Kent and has five grown up children. As she wrote and learned, she wanted to pass on this learning to others. She found this pleasing to her soul, thus it must be pleasing to Him, our Saviour Jesus Christ.


This book is a must read! If young people are fed on the Word of God, life gives them a different ride, one that will strengthen, encourage and lift their spirits, allowing them to be appreciated as well as securing more understanding of their seniors.

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Christian Bookshop

Tips For Finding Christian Bookshop UK

Every day, we need to immerse ourselves in God’s word. It fosters our spiritual development and strengthens our bonds with God. There are several Christian publications and resources available that we can use in addition to the Bible to learn more about God. Many Christian authors have produced enlightening interpretations of the Bible as well as sincere, inspirational, and transforming novels, journals, and devotionals. These resources can assist us in comprehending and experiencing the Lord’s presence. Many Christians constantly seek to ingest God’s word for their soul and spirit. For spiritual development, they wish to spend money on several Christian books and devotionals. Yes, you can find a variety of spiritual resources in regular bookstores. However, a variety of Christian book outlets exist in the UK. If you are looking for a Christian bookshop UK, this post will help to find your bookshops.

Beautiful Books

This Christian bookshop locates on Brixton Station road in Central London. If you are looking for a fair-based Christian bookshop in your area, this has some best collections for you. The beautiful Book shop has a large collection of every version of the Bible. Additionally, the store carries novels and books about ministry. Also, there is a sizable collection of religious biographies, many of which were written by Joshua Daniel, the store’s founder, regarding his father’s ministry and his time spent preaching in India. If there is any particular book you are looking for, get in touch with them to see if they can order a unique copy or if you have any other inquiries.

Believers Bookshop

Nearly every edition and more than 30 different languages of Christian Books are available at the Believer’s Bookshop on New Cross Road in the heart of London. They also stock a variety of books with Christian themes, including novels, books that offer advice on relationships, life, and basic Christian reference materials.

The Believer’s Bookshop is more than just a bookstore. It also bills itself as “Your One-Stop Christian Resource Centre” since it carries a combination of items with Christian themes, including apparel, accessories, DVDs, music, stationery, and holiday decorations. You can email them or visit them between Monday and Saturday to see whether they have what you’re searching for.


Tabernacle Bookshop

From Bibles and Sunday school lesson plans to general religious reference books and books on church history, the Tabernacle Bookshop on Pastor Street. This bookshop situates close to the Metropolitan Tabernacle and carries a variety of reformed Christian writings. There is also a sizable collection of books written by pastors who are themselves reformed Christians, both on reformed Christian theory and on how to live a more Christian life in the contemporary world.

This Bookshop also invites any interested passerby to stop by and inquire about the faith and how it differs from other Christian sects. Feel free to contact them whenever you have any inquiries concerning their store or their principles.

Final Words

This is a simple guide to help you find your Christian Bookshop in the UK and give it your prayer and support. These are some of the top Christian bookshops you should visit if you’re seeking them in the United Kingdom. For more collections about the UK Christian bookshop, you can ask us through our comment section.

Breaking Through and Reaching Out – Book 1

Just published! Breaking Through and Reaching Out: A Call to Engage – Enjoying the Presence by Gordon Campbell, which aims to draw attention to what is possible through people under the calling and authority of Christ.

The sovereign purpose of God has always been to build the Kingdom of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and populate the planet with New Humanity – the Church.  The plan of this 2 part series is to draw attention to what is possible through those same people under the calling and authority of Christ.  However we define ‘the faith once delivered to the saints’ we do so living in a very challenging, volatile and unforgiving age, but the Lord of Hosts has not left himself without Spirit-filled witnesses who promote God’s Glory.

‘An amazing book about how we should refocus our eye on Jesus!’ 

-Pastor Maria Yiangou, Senior Pastor of Victory in Christ Ministries

Gordon is an accredited Baptist Union Minister (BUGB) and a DFE accredited Secondary School Teacher. He was Head of RE and Pastoral Head, and has pastured several Baptist churches, including a BMC church. The calling of God to both arenas enriched Gordon’s ministry and service. Preaching and teaching are in his DNA and has an honorary Director of Missions, and participated in International Mission Conferences in the UK, Canada, USA, and Brazil.

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Book 2 coming soon!