I will never leave you

Just published!

I Will Never Leave You – My Presence Will Always Sustain You written by Mary Marriott, are fourteen narratives that were written at different times, covering most aspects of our lives, incorporating the Truths of, and in, God’s Word.

This short book is written for all Christians, having in mind particularly young adults, who, having left behind their childhood, are having to cope with the human metamorphosis into adulthood, an age which quite often is not understood by the older generation.

Mary Profile picAbout the Author

Mary Marriot was qualified by the Holy Spirit to write. She lived alone in Kent and has five grown up children. As she wrote and learned, she wanted to pass on this learning to others. She found this pleasing to her soul, thus it must be pleasing to Him, our Saviour Jesus Christ.


This book is a must read! If young people are fed on the Word of God, life gives them a different ride, one that will strengthen, encourage and lift their spirits, allowing them to be appreciated as well as securing more understanding of their seniors.

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