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Christian music books

Our sheet music book Christian provide a comprehensive collection of songs and hymns that are perfect for worship services, choir performances, or personal practice. With easy-to-read notation and uplifting lyrics, these books will inspire and engage both musicians and congregations alike. If you’re in need of professional guidance and connections in the music industry, our Christian music booking agents are here to help. They have extensive experience working with artists across various genres within the Christian music scene. They can assist you in finding opportunities for live performances, collaborations, and promotional support to enhance your musical career. In addition to that, our range of Christian music books covers a wide range of topics such as songwriting techniques, worship leading tips, and inspirational stories from renowned musicians. These resources are designed to equip musicians with valuable insights and practical advice that will enable them to grow both spiritually and musically. This section talks about christian music booking agents, christian piano music books and sheet music book christian.

For those specifically interested in honing their piano skills within a Christian context, our selection of Christian piano music books is perfect for you. These books offer a diverse repertoire of beautiful arrangements that will bring an extra dimension of depth and spirituality to your playing.

At Kingdom Publishers, we believe that by providing these resources – including sheet music book Christians – we can empower individuals like yourself to make a lasting impact through your ministry. So why wait? Take advantage of our comprehensive collection today and elevate your musical journey with confidence.

For youth ministers, we provide sheet music Christian books PDF format. These books contain a collection of uplifting and inspirational songs that can be used during worship services or youth events. With our sheet music Christian books, you’ll have access to a vast library of songs that will engage and inspire your congregation.

In addition to our sheet music books christian, we also offer assistance in connecting musicians with Christian music booking agents. Our network of agents is dedicated to promoting talented musicians who are passionate about spreading the message of faith through their music. By working with these booking agents, you’ll have the opportunity to reach a wider audience and expand your ministry’s impact.

For musicians themselves, we have a range of music books available. These books cover various genres and styles, providing valuable insights into songwriting techniques, musical theory, and performance tips. Whether you’re an aspiring musician or an experienced artist looking for fresh inspiration, our Christian music books will help you grow as a musician while staying true to your faith.

If you’re specifically looking for resources for piano players, our collection of Christian piano music books is sure to impress. These books contain arrangements of popular worship songs and hymns tailored for piano players at different skill levels. With our Christian piano music books in hand, you’ll be able to lead worship confidently and create beautiful melodies that uplift hearts.

At Kingdom Publishers, we are committed to supporting your ministry by providing high-quality resources that align with your faith values. Explore our sheet music book christian section today and discover how our offerings can take your ministry or musical journey onto another level.


Zara & Zach Book Series

The Adventures of Zara & Zack

The series The Adventures of Zara & Zack written by Daniell Tanner.

Danielle Tanner has just published a series of four books, which include ‘The Adventures of Zara & Zack in Kenya’, ‘The Adventures of Zara & Zack – The Kidnapping’, ‘The Adventures of Zara & Zack: The Treasure Hunt’, ‘The Adventures of Zara and Zack: The Wizard of Atan’ and ‘The Adventures of Zara & Zack: The Amusement Park’

The series are books that target children ages 8 – 11 years of age and talk about how two young people get into great little adventures and how they see God moving in each adventure with them.


‘Brilliant children’s books! Pastor Maria Yiangou, Senior pastor of Victory in Christ Ministries, London, UK



About the Author

Danielle Tanner is a financial crime investigator by profession, a job that she really enjoys. She has been an anti-money laundering and compliance professional working within the financial services industry for the last six years.

However, she also has a passion for writing and have been writing fiction and non-fiction Christian content for over a year. A decade ago, she felt an urge from the Lord to start writing. This was further confirmed prophetically by men and women of God over the years.

Sweet Dreams, Tanya is her debut novel. She has also written a Children’s book soon to be published.

She is married to a lovely, understanding and supportive man who has to put up with her long hours working and writing.


How did God create Humankind?

‘How did God create Humankind? Scientific and Biblical views – from the chaos of evolution to the mysteries of faith and redemption’ written by Dr Ali Ansarifar.

The author talks about how God created the world and compares theories of evolution and how flawed these are. It looks at cosmological models of the universe based on the Big Bang Theory and the Darwinian of the struggle of existence by natural selection. It then looks at faith and the author compares the two different views on creationism using evidence based research and the Bible.


‘A must read for those that need convincing on creationism’ Pastor Maria Yiangou, Senior pastor of Victory in Christ Ministries, London, UK


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About the Author

Ali Ansarifar

Ali Ansarifar was born in 1955 in Persia and has been living in the UK for the last 45 years. He was awarded BSc (Materials Engineering) in 1981 and PhD (Materials) in 1987 from Queen Mary Collage and Diploma of Imperial Collage in 1989 from the University of London. He worked as post-doctoral Research Assistant at Imperial College and Cavendish Laboratory, Department of Physics, University of Cambridge until 1990. He was Upper Senior Research Scientist in Tun Abdul Razak Research Centre, Malaysian Rubber Producers’ Research Association until 1996. He was Lecturer in Polymer Engineering in the Materials Department at Loughborough University and retired as Senior Lecturer in September 2018. He has given lectures, seminars and workshops in the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle-East and south East Asia. He has published over 130 technical research papers in peer reviewed international journals and contributed chapters to scientific books. He has been a member of the editorial board of numerous scientific journals and has been awarded prizes for his scientific publications. He is a Fellow of The Higher Education Academy.


From an Arabic Language Hymnal Translated Hymns from the Levant

‘From an Arabic Language Hymnal Translated Hymns from the Levant’ written by S.K. Haddad

The author has translated various themes of hymns from the Arabic Language into English all giving glory to God. These hymns are used in Evangelical churches in Syria, Lebanon and Palestine.S.K.


‘An excellent translation!’ Pastor Maria Yiangou, Senior Pastor of Victory in Christ Ministries, London, UK



About the Author

Dr S. K. Haddad was born in Palestine to Lebanese parents. He came to England to study Medicine, which he did at the universities of Cambridge and London. He specialized in Neurosurgery and worked in this field. He is retired and lives in Wales.

His mind thinks in poetical terms when he is moved by a touching incident.

Author of Christian Poems


God’s promises fulfilled

‘God’s promises fulfilled: The End Times Prophesies’ written by Paul J Headington, which talks about the end times and how prophesies will be fulfilled from the books of Daniel and Revelation.

The author describes using Bible verses of the prophesies that have already occurred and those that are about to come. The author makes it simple for us to understand the prophesies and the chronological order these have taken place in. This book is also good for those looking to teach on end time prophesy to understand more about what the Bible is saying on this matter as many are saying that we live in the last days.

Paul J Headington is a Bible scholar with a particular interest in end time prophesies and this book is an accumulation of many years of reading and research on the subject.


‘An excellent book that will you understand about prophesy’ Pastor Andy Yiangou, General Overseer of Victory in Christ Ministries, London, UK


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About the Author


As a Christian I have always expressed an interest in biblical scripture and knowledge of times and events, particularly surrounding end times prophecy.

There has and is an overlaying pattern of “confusion” happening in the world, where mankind, governments, world leaders, and kingdoms have no long-term answers, knowledge, explanations, or comprehension.

It is only God who fully understands, as He is the author and creator of all things, having already prophesised the events which will happen, leading to the end times.

It is only through believing on God’s son Jesus Christ with all your heart asking forgiveness for your sins, that everlasting life will be given.

Paul Headington – Author of God’s Promises Fulfilled: The End Times Prophecy

Book of 101 Thoughts

Book of 101 Thoughts – Master your Mind and Conquer the World

‘Book of 101 Thoughts – Master your Mind and Conquer the World’ written by David Andrew. This book looks at various aspects of one’s life and makes the reader think about those areas.

The author has divided the book into 7 sections and talks to us about each section. These sections include Business, Environment, Mindset, Practical, Relationship, Spiritual and Social. In the part where we think about being a follower of Christ and not a fan, here the author describes the difference with a fan is that they will jump, sing and shout and then walk away at the end. However, a follower of Christ, will be one that understands the commitment, the cost and even the risk of following Jesus no matter what people or society may think of that person. David then leaves a page for your own thoughts about being a fan or follower of Christ.


Many times you see authors and coaches trying to make a name for themselves losing track of what coacking is all about…helping others through your experince. David gets that 100%. Not only does he help others officially as a coach and author but his kindness is beyong anyone I know’
Brian Hilliard, Author of 7 books on coacking and mentoring and a speaker


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About the Author

David Andrew picture

David Andrew was born in Mumbai, India, to a loving Christian family. Moreover, at age twenty-five, he came to a Bible College in Birmingham, UK, to study mission work and has lived here for over thirty-five years.

David’s professional background and experience come from working for the Civil Service and the Local Government accumulative for twenty-seven years in Print, Advertising, Marketing, and Sales. He enjoys talking and helping people from personal experience of highs and hitting rock bottom that transformed his life by revisiting and revaluating for seven years his belief in several aspects of his Christian faith spanning over five decades.

David’s colleagues and people who know him spotted David’s natural ability to coach and mentor his style of conversations with people, which enabled him to notice the difference it makes for them. With that burning passion, David retired early in 2018 and qualified as a professional coach and mentor. He founded David Andrew Coaching as his business and began professionally coaching university students, business owners, mid-career professionals, and prison inmates. David has seen a positive impact of coaching on his clients by applying his Christian values and principles to his coaching style. He describes the positive results for his clients as his greatest reward.

David is the founder of David Andrew Coaching and the CEO and co-founder with Lana Maher, a co-founder, a life coach, and the Managing Director of Happy Work Environment Limited. They are global corporate wellness coaches and consultants.

David famously says to his clients, “Your past has brought you to the present – You can decide the present to take you to your future” – Let the coaching begin!


Treasures in the Darkness

‘Treasures in the Darkness’ by Alice Wilson – Sharp, who explains how in the dark times we are most vulnerable and that is where God shows us His treasures.

Alice talks about a vision that she had once she had been going through a hard time and how God started showing her hidden treasures through visions. Here she explains that this is because when we are at our weakest, God can speak to us more clearly showing us deeper truths and treasures of the Kingdom!

I Alice’s own words, ‘Salvation through jesus Christ is our reason for hope and it is through scripture that we find knowledge and encouragement about the wonders of that salvation’
Lyndall Baywater – Christian Speaker, Author and Broadcaster


Also available on Amazon : 


About the Author

Alice is a qualified teacher with an MA in History. She currently works for a church in the U.K. and enjoys creating prayer resources that draw people closer to the heart of God. Her writing focuses on equipping and enabling Christians to stand firm in faith in all circumstances, using the Bible as a life-bringing tool and manual.

when the god world

When God Made the World

‘When God Made the World’ written by Sheela Burrell.

A vibrant and colourful children’s hardback book detailing how God made the world for children ages 3 – 8 years of age. A perfect gift to any young child on creation, with beautiful pictures illustrating wild animals, sea creatures, planets and humans!
The picture book ends with linking creationism to Jesus and how He came to save humans after the fall and how Jesus was God’s perfect gift to humans.

‘A wonderful book for young readers- Love it!’ Pastor Maria Yiangou


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About the Author

Sheela Burrell studied Creative Writing at California State University, Fresno where she had her first short story, The Flood, published in Common Wages, the University journal. Upon obtaining her MA in Creative Writing, Sheela taught English in a secondary school in Malaysia and later worked as a lecturer at a higher education college in Kuala Lumpur. Sheela currently does Story Time for under-5s and works with young people at Meadgate Church, Great Baddow.

Author of When God Made the World

Abigail Harverson (Illustrator of the book) is an A Level Art student who enjoys expressing her creativity and experimenting with digital illustrations. She has been an avid art lover from a very young age and hopes to pursue a creative career.

Redemption – New Heaven, New Earth, Old Enemy

‘Redemption – New Heaven, New Earth, Old Enemy’ written by Chris Smithies, a story of fiction of living in the new earth.

It’s the year 53 of Christ’s millennial Kingdom but a rebellious movement against God has started again. Captain Alexei Androv and Commander John Booker have been tasked to end the evil uprising once and for all. Through using his ship, Redemption, he and his crew go to war against those who are battling Gods Kingdom.

Whilst doing so, Jesus is ministering to people in the New Jerusalem located in New Earth.

‘ A terrific book that will keep you on edge!’ pastor Maria Yiangou from Victory in Christ Ministries, UK


Also available on Amazon


About the Author

Chris Smithies has been a follower of Jesus since 1988.

He is a 48-year-old nurse, musician (worship leader) and author. He has been writing music most of his life and has now diversified into books. As holder of a BSc degree from Salford University, he is experienced in research for a written work.

The Soaring Single

‘The Soaring Single’ written by Sarah C. Aderigbe, which is about singles and how they need to focus on maximizing life in singlehood before putting a ring on it.

‘The Soaring Single’ encourages young people to focus on all God is doing in their lives and His preparation before the big day. That whilst we are in the ‘preparation’ stage, God is shaping and moulding us in order to be able to fulfil our destinies. And in His time, the God ordained person will come into our life to fulfil that destiny and calling He has for us.

This book also has questions and study notes after each chapter so a good resource for those in the singles ministry to use as a resource.

‘A truly though provoking book about how singles can focus on their purposet!’
Pastor Maria Yiangou, Senior Pastor of Victory in Christ Ministries

Also available from Amazon :


About the Author

Sarah Aderibigbe Profile Picture

Mrs Sarah Aderibigbe is first a daughter of God, Sister, Wife and Mother. Having given her life to Christ at 19 years old, she discovered purpose only after finding Jesus Christ. Born and bred in Brixton, South London, United Kingdom, Sister Sarah is in touch with many of the common challenges that young minds of today oftentimes face, especially in the Western World, whilst navigating the path of youth and singlehood in general.

Sister Sarah’s confession is that her God-given purpose is to write. Following her dramatic salvation experience, there was an awakening in Sister Sarah to the seed placed inside her by God. This seed began to germinate and expressed itself in the various articles and devotionals she began to write for her local Church community which were inspired by Bible passages. The hunger in her to write grew and has since metamorphosed into a deep-seated conviction to reach the world with words from the bosom of God. Sister Sarah counts herself as a work-in- progress that Christ is daily moulding and shaping. Sister Sarah simply wishes to be the unprofitable, dutiful servant in the vineyard of writing.

A Law Graduate who is a Legal Practitioner by profession, Sister Sarah Aderibigbe has a passion for advocating for others and is passionate about being a voice for those who are in need of legal redress and resolutions. Sister Sarah also serves in the Singing Ministry and Youth Ministry of her local Church community. Currently residing in Liverpool, United Kingdom with her Husband and three children, she strives to walk in purpose with the ministries of Wifehood and Motherhood which she has been graciously called into. Sister Sarah Aderibigbe, along with her Family, attends the Manchester Fellowship in United Kingdom of a non-denominational Christian worldwide organisation that believes in and professes the undiluted word of God as expressed in the Holy Bible. This book, The Soaring Single, is Sister Sarah’s debut book.