The Soaring Single

‘The Soaring Single’ written by Sarah C. Aderigbe, which is about singles and how they need to focus on maximizing life in singlehood before putting a ring on it.

‘The Soaring Single’ encourages young people to focus on all God is doing in their lives and His preparation before the big day. That whilst we are in the ‘preparation’ stage, God is shaping and moulding us in order to be able to fulfil our destinies. And in His time, the God ordained person will come into our life to fulfil that destiny and calling He has for us.

This book also has questions and study notes after each chapter so a good resource for those in the singles ministry to use as a resource.

‘A truly though provoking book about how singles can focus on their purposet!’
Pastor Maria Yiangou, Senior Pastor of Victory in Christ Ministries

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About the Author

Sarah Aderibigbe Profile Picture

Mrs Sarah Aderibigbe is first a daughter of God, Sister, Wife and Mother. Having given her life to Christ at 19 years old, she discovered purpose only after finding Jesus Christ. Born and bred in Brixton, South London, United Kingdom, Sister Sarah is in touch with many of the common challenges that young minds of today oftentimes face, especially in the Western World, whilst navigating the path of youth and singlehood in general.

Sister Sarah’s confession is that her God-given purpose is to write. Following her dramatic salvation experience, there was an awakening in Sister Sarah to the seed placed inside her by God. This seed began to germinate and expressed itself in the various articles and devotionals she began to write for her local Church community which were inspired by Bible passages. The hunger in her to write grew and has since metamorphosed into a deep-seated conviction to reach the world with words from the bosom of God. Sister Sarah counts herself as a work-in- progress that Christ is daily moulding and shaping. Sister Sarah simply wishes to be the unprofitable, dutiful servant in the vineyard of writing.

A Law Graduate who is a Legal Practitioner by profession, Sister Sarah Aderibigbe has a passion for advocating for others and is passionate about being a voice for those who are in need of legal redress and resolutions. Sister Sarah also serves in the Singing Ministry and Youth Ministry of her local Church community. Currently residing in Liverpool, United Kingdom with her Husband and three children, she strives to walk in purpose with the ministries of Wifehood and Motherhood which she has been graciously called into. Sister Sarah Aderibigbe, along with her Family, attends the Manchester Fellowship in United Kingdom of a non-denominational Christian worldwide organisation that believes in and professes the undiluted word of God as expressed in the Holy Bible. This book, The Soaring Single, is Sister Sarah’s debut book.