Redemption – New Heaven, New Earth, Old Enemy

‘Redemption – New Heaven, New Earth, Old Enemy’ written by Chris Smithies, a story of fiction of living in the new earth.

It’s the year 53 of Christ’s millennial Kingdom but a rebellious movement against God has started again. Captain Alexei Androv and Commander John Booker have been tasked to end the evil uprising once and for all. Through using his ship, Redemption, he and his crew go to war against those who are battling Gods Kingdom.

Whilst doing so, Jesus is ministering to people in the New Jerusalem located in New Earth.

‘ A terrific book that will keep you on edge!’ pastor Maria Yiangou from Victory in Christ Ministries, UK


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About the Author

Chris Smithies has been a follower of Jesus since 1988.

He is a 48-year-old nurse, musician (worship leader) and author. He has been writing music most of his life and has now diversified into books. As holder of a BSc degree from Salford University, he is experienced in research for a written work.