Breaking Through and Reaching Out – Book 2

Just published! Second book in this series, Breaking Through and Reaching Out: A Call to Ignite – Living in the Spirit by Gordon Campbell, which aims to encourage believers to live in the power of the Risen Christ through the Holy Spirit by pioneering Apostolic Christianity, thereby advancing the Kingdom of God while building a Radical Church of All Nations.

Gordon is an accredited Baptist Union Minister (BUGB) and a DFE accredited Secondary School Teacher but his wider ministry includes counselling, mentoring, coaching, and moderating churches. His preaching and teaching takes him into other networks beyond Baptist churches, and also lead evangelistic and renewal weekends. Academically, Gordon studied at Cliff College, Derbyshire, Spurgeon’s Theological College, London and my accreditations are: Diploma in Theology (London University), Bachelor of Arts (Theology) CNAA, Master of Education (Brunel University).

The sovereign purpose of God has always been to build the Kingdom of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and populate the planet with New Humanity – the Church.

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