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Walking in the Supernatural by Victoria Owen

Just published! Walking in the Supernatural by Victoria Owen, is a book that answers many life questions and addresses topics that people struggle to address simply because they don’t know the mind of God on the issues raised.

It’s full of short stories based on true stories, which helps the reader relate with the author. The author reveals many Supernatural encounters including Supernatural healings from covid-19 when her whole family in the UK was almost killed.

It’s comforting to those that have ever wondered were was God, and those that are bitter due to loss of a loved one by revealing the after death experience.

This book, will liberate women from religious spirits and societies by dealing with Eve, and other women of the bible.

You will also find this book like a time map, it reveals what will happen, things happening, we see the Author talk about the future of science, technology, chaos, the coming of the Lord and great signs and wonders the Lord will do through his children in the Last days.

About Author

She is a church planter, teacher of the word of God in great revelation, and an influential woman of God. At the age of 12, she led a prayer group in boarding school and requested for a church at the school which after taking her to church outside the school, she influenced more children to want to go to church to a point the school ended up planting one at the school. As a Youth God used her to raise up many young ministers and operated in many signs and wonders and miracles. In this book she shares about how, she challenged doctors in a cancer hospital in Manchester U.K by changing the death days of a patient that was meant to die In 3 days.

This is definitely Holy Ghost inspired as it will bring light to the reader and great liberation in Jesus’s name.

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