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Review on Straightforward Christianity

Straightforward Christianity by the author Nigel Scotland.

This second edition of the short book, is written for anyone who wants to know what benefits following Jesus can bring to our lives.

It has gotten great reviews from the British Church Newspaper already, saying,

“…The style is informal… It seeks to introduce Christianity in modern terms to the modern mind…

Dr Scotland starts with Christ’s universal appeal. There follows Christ the teacher emphasising various aspects and culminating in His teaching about Himself and Saviour. We have testimonies to how Christ changed people, the love of Christ the New Birth and the changing qualities that follow…

The books deals at length with Christian qualities. The modern mind is more concerned with morality than theology and the author rightly meets the modern mind at this point, emphasising personal virtues.

‘…we have one who sustains us in our present suffering and destines us for a future without it’.

Death is handled with equal sensitivity and the opportunity taken to show the evidence for Christ’s resurrection and the promise of similar resurrection for the Lord’s people enabling them to come to terms with death…..

The book concludes with the response to faith, the importance of knowing Christ through study of the Scriptures, of prayer, of Christian fellowship and the church….

This is an excellent book which would interest non-Christian, instruct a new Christian or encourage a more experienced one. It would make a useful gift.”

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