God’s promises fulfilled

‘God’s promises fulfilled: The End Times Prophesies’ written by Paul J Headington, which talks about the end times and how prophesies will be fulfilled from the books of Daniel and Revelation.

The author describes using Bible verses of the prophesies that have already occurred and those that are about to come. The author makes it simple for us to understand the prophesies and the chronological order these have taken place in. This book is also good for those looking to teach on end time prophesy to understand more about what the Bible is saying on this matter as many are saying that we live in the last days.

Paul J Headington is a Bible scholar with a particular interest in end time prophesies and this book is an accumulation of many years of reading and research on the subject.


‘An excellent book that will you understand about prophesy’ Pastor Andy Yiangou, General Overseer of Victory in Christ Ministries, London, UK


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About the Author


As a Christian I have always expressed an interest in biblical scripture and knowledge of times and events, particularly surrounding end times prophecy.

There has and is an overlaying pattern of “confusion” happening in the world, where mankind, governments, world leaders, and kingdoms have no long-term answers, knowledge, explanations, or comprehension.

It is only God who fully understands, as He is the author and creator of all things, having already prophesised the events which will happen, leading to the end times.

It is only through believing on God’s son Jesus Christ with all your heart asking forgiveness for your sins, that everlasting life will be given.

Paul Headington – Author of God’s Promises Fulfilled: The End Times Prophecy