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Why Is Poetry Important?

Why Is Poetry Important? … By Leena Patel


One of the critical questions in literature can be the questioning of the importance of poetry. Why do we question it? What can the answer truly reveal, if any? Most of all, how does it enhance humanity? Could it be interpreted that Poetry is a known inherent part of us?


A part of our communication skills is expressing ourselves. We can say, one of the most universal vehicles of human’s expressing their emotions and feelings is through poetry; it can also be classified as one of the most important of all written media for describing our  experiences. Furthermore, past research claims to have concluded teaching students poetry attempts indeterminate results within a wide set of linguistic domains.


There are known elements which are classed as literary tools used by authors when writing poetry. There are diverse elements creating several combinations which can be used in individual poems.

  1. Q) What exactly are these elements?

The elements serve in assisting to dress up the poem; the overall result allows a clear path of imagination and a compelling context commanded by the author. Now, it is becoming clearer how important poetry is and how much of a valuable tool the elements operate for the author. A simple example of this would ‘a letter poem’.

If we look at one of the perspectives of poetic elements, a letter poem, which is more frequently referred to as an epistolary poem; poetry of having an outward appearance allowing a letter-like format. Interestingly, the earliest known epistolary poems date back to the early Roman poet Ovid, whose work “The Heroides” was written from the vantage of heroines of Greek and Roman mythology.


Epistolary poetry can encompass a wide range of tones and styles; varying from formal to intimate. This perspective addresses individuals, the globe, concepts or nonexistent beings. A good example is of Langston Hughes’ “Letter,” clearly beginning with a traditional opening address; comparatively, others have managed to take on a far more nontraditional appearance and texture.


The strength of Poetry lies with its constancy; it’s production generously melting through entirely known civilizations from the ancient to modernity. Throughout this all-embracing history it is clear poetry has been made to address multifaceted subjects; love, war, society and its very issues, beauty of nature and the love of God.


Poetry is one of the greatest Evangelistic tools; allowing people to come closer to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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  1. Gertrude
    Gertrude says:

    Totally agree poetry plays multi roles. The power of poetry lies in the senses a story can be compressed in lines. It’s rich , expressive. The power lies in the fact that poetry allows people to connect to their inner world . A powerful element that can be encouraged for therapeutic purposes

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