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Perspectives of the Greatest Story Ever Told

Just published by Grace Sullivan, Perspectives of the Greatest Story Ever Told, that inspires believers and non-believers about the truth about Jesus.

There can be no denying the beauty and diversity that lies within planet earth. There is a depth of nature, science and even ingenuity deep within the mind of man to uncover and explore.

“I believe that all of this stems from a creator God, without which none of the physical world that we see would be possible. If God is the first and greatest creator, then it must be possible to communicate him in a multifaceted way. I took the challenge of preaching the seminal truth about Jesus, the gospel, using different perspectives available through nature and the Bible over a period of 30 days. In doing so I have tried to inspire both believer and non-believer, and to point to the fullness and richness that a relationship with Jesus brings.”

About Author

“I have an undergraduate degree and masters in law. However, the thing that qualifies me most to write creatively is the hunger God has placed inside of my heart to know Jesus more. Any spark of creativity or eloquence inside of me is merely the product of a glimpse of him within the pages of the greatest book ever written, the Bible. As he favours me with revelation of who he is, I find myself falling deeply in love with Jesus and desiring to muster up every ounce of creativity inside of me to tell his story to this world. My passion is to reach a world which desperately needs to know him with the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.” – Grace Sullivan

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