the spiritual journey of a very imperfect man

A Roller Coaster Life

Just published! by Graham L Martin, the first part of this two part book, The Spiritual Journey of a Very Imperfect Man: A Roller Coaster Life.

Graham says about the book:

“Part 1 covers the lives of the young Graham and Audrie (Aud) Martin, how we got hitched, the beginnings of our spiritual journeys, and then gradually follows on to how, at 60 years old, I experienced a complete mental breakdown involving multiple attempts to take my own life and a 12-week spell in a secured psychiatric unit. It is intended that my recollections of this truly horrendous time, and particularly how I survived, will enable anyone presently undergoing anything remotely similar to have genuine hope. 

Every tunnel, no matter how dark, has a light at the end when Christ is involved, even if this cannot be perceived at the time. Back in the day, as a young man, I had strong atheistic views and consistently believed the Bible to be a load of rubbish right up until the time I read it. This aggressive and confrontational approach persisted until my mid-twenties when, after a long struggle, God immediately answered my ‘exploratory prayer’ to convert my best friend, Bill Collins, who was living in California at the time. Audrie, who was less feisty than me when it came to spiritual matters, also experienced a fairly dramatic conversion to Christ in her mid-twenties, although her encounter came out of a place of despair rather than comfort.”

About Author

Graham is a retired civil engineer and although this is his first actual book (assuming a bound MSc dissertation doesn’t count), the fact that he has produced numerous related reports means that he is very used to writing English, albeit in a somewhat different genre. In addition, Graham’s work as an expert witness for various clients, including Railtrack/ Network Rail has honed his research and summarising skills. Finally, this book has enabled me to periodically indulge my penchant for writing humour, which has thus far been limited to speech-making.


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