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Voice in the Wilderness by Linda Plant

Here is a preview of Linda Plant’s second book with us, Voice in the Wilderness.

We take the road of faith as we journey onwards through life. Having found our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ the pathway opens up ahead of us as the light of heaven streams across our way. Wonderful it is and glorious as the eager steps of first faith bring confidence and assurance. However, life is never going to only bring sunny days, all the seasons of nature provide for us a pattern and a sequence to which our very existence revolves around. Winter brings forth the new growth of springtime, this is the rhythm of life.
For the Christian there is no promise that the sun will always shine and that winter winds will be kept from our experience. We set out upon a great adventure of faith, it is a journey of life and perhaps the turning of the road will be much different that we could have ever expected! For us, this was a journey set in God’s calling and answered faithfully. The outworking of that journey, would we have still made, had we known the terrible cost it would inflict upon our lives? Oh, yes, we would still make the same choice, even now! The call, is all that counts. We respond to His will and His purposes. It is a privilege to walk upon the beautiful pathway, which is a service to our Lord Jesus Christ, no matter what! – Linda Plant

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