whatever next

Coming soon
Whatever Next! by Lilyanne Joy

Here is a preview of Whatever Next by Lilyanne Joy, soon to be published.

We are in the end times and so many people are not aware of it. In writing to my family, it occurred to me that maybe others would appreciate the simplifies message. The Book of Revelation is difficult to understand and this little book is an easy read in short bites. It explains what is happening now and will happen in the future – maybe very soon. My hope is that anyone reading it will ask Jesus into their heart and life. He will not only guide and comfort through turbulent times but He will ensure a future eternity with Him in heaven. As I say many times in the letters, if you have questions, find a Bible-based church near you and talk to the Minister. May the Lord bless you and stir your heart as you read. – by Lilyanne Joy

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