a universe apart against the tide

Extract from A Universe Apart Against the Tide

Out Now! A Universe Apart Against the Tide by John Cockerill

What it’s about…

Many Christians are confused and adopting theories of evolution. In simple terms, through nature, prophecy, common sense and logic John attempts to expose the weakness of evolutions stance, and cast iron proven claims of Biblical prophecy.

Here’s an extract…

Design for Purpose

It really can lift your spirit on a warm summer day to see the bumble bee working away among the flowers, each one fully equipped for the task he has to carry out. He reminds me of a tradesman, a carpenter or an electrician, as he sets off for work wearing that leather belt containing the tools of his trade: easily accessible.

Likewise, when our little bumble sets off on his days’ work, he too is perfectly equipped for his job. His two back legs have wonderfully designed baskets or pouches into which he can safely store his collection, his two middle legs have a thorn like probe for extracting pollen from its basket. On each of his front legs he has a comb which he uses to clean the hairs on his head and antenna. On his back legs, he also has rows of stiff hairs used to brush the pollen off his body into the basket. On his other side, his tongue is long enough to reach the nectar in most plants whilst allowing his hairy body to make contact with the pollen, and so allowing him to carry out his most valuable work: pollination. The bee is indeed a masterpiece of design.

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