How to Get Started with Publishing Your Book

To get started with Kingdom Publishers follow these steps:

Step 1 – Submit a book proposal
Submit your Book Proposal and we will respond within 7 working days and let you know if we want to read the beginning three chapters of your book.

Step 2 – Submit the three chapters of the book
Once we have read the three chapters and are happy to look at the whole manuscript, we will inform you of that and ask that with 21 days, the whole manuscript is submitted.

Step 3 – Whole manuscript requested
If we are happy with the three chapters, we will ask to see the whole manuscript. There is NO Guarantee that we will accept the book after reviewing the whole manuscript. If we are happy with the work submitted then we will ask for you to choose the publishing package and sign our publishing agreement for us to start the publishing process.

Step 4 – Printing and Distribution
Our creative team will design your book cover and our publishing specialists will prepare your work for print. We will be in contact with you throughout the process to inform you of how the process of publishing your book is going. Then our distributors will go to work in selling your book.

Step 5 – You Earn Royalties
You earn royalties every 90 days for books sold. We will send you a printed statement showing how many books have sold and the royalties you will receive.

Step 6 – Submit your proposal here