The Reluctant Disciple

The Reluctant Disciple – Daughter of Aristocrat Out of Body Experience

‘The Reluctant Disciple’ written by Victoria Neville, who talks about her childhood growing up in an aristocratic family and how she came to know Jesus!

‘The Reluctant Disciple’ is an interesting book that describes the journey of a young girl that had a traumatic upbringing with a Father that was a son of an English Lord and a mother who was an Australian beautiful socialite but who later both divorced with the father marrying the author’s nanny at age 4!

Her nanny which was now her stepmother did not pay her much attention and when she nearly drowned in the family’s pool, Victoria Neville had an out of body experience. Here she saw her stepmother standing watching her at the pool and her father walking past at just that moment and rushed to save his daughter’s life! This was all whilst she was out of her body and believes God did a miracle and brought her father through the gate at that instant to save her.

The author then goes on to describe how in her boarding school she got to know the Lord whilst her mother had become an alcoholic and how God now uses her in ministry helping others that have also had traumatic childhood experiences!

Like the early Christian Apostles, Victoria has heard that God heals, she believes it, and so sees Him doing it again and again in our day!For her this is a normal Christian life.
Rev Richard Fothergill, Founder of the Filling Station Network

Victoria Neville has worked for the healing rooms and is now an evangelist and serves in the ministry team of her local Filling Station and for an International Ministry.

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About the Author

I have a BA in English and French. I worked for Leeds Healing Rooms on the ministry team before it closed. I am now an evangelist, and I serve on the ministry team for my local Filling Station and for an international ministry. I am the mother of 3 children.