His Intent

His Intent – The power in Revival

‘His Intent’ written by Geoff Vine, who writes about how God is preparing His bride the church and that revival is coming to the UK quoting Smith Wigglesworth.

Preacher Geoff Vine has been writing about the revival that will take place in the UK, and how Christians need to pray for that revival to arrive amongst in the UK using the prophetic word from Smith Wigglesworth. He writes about the Welsh Revival in 1904 – 1905 where over 100 000 people gave their lives to Jesus all because a few people decided to start praying to God for revival to come in their area!

A thought-provoking book that even in the days we are living in, God can still bring revival!
Pastor Maria Yiangou, Victory in Christ Ministries

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About the Author

Geoff VaineI have been a Christian for over 45 years and served in several churches across a wide variety of roles, including small group leader, worship leader, Deacon, Elder and Pastor. I have been married to my wife Angela for over 38 years and we have 3 sons and 4 grandchildren. Over these years I have sat under several pastors, all of whom have given good, solid biblical teaching that has enhanced my walk with God and given me a firm biblical understanding and foundation. I have attended numerous conferences and seminars and attended a 2 yr theology and leadership course, all of which has built my life with Jesus and enabled me to have a firm grasp of the scriptures which I hope is reflected in this book.