Do not stop the little children

Do Not Stop the Children by Mary Marriott

Mary Marriott has just published her latest book, Do Not Stop the Little Children about Christians living in a dangerous and harsh world.

Mary believes we need to take a deep and honest look at ourselves and see if we are preventing our children from being blessed by Jesus. Do we stop them by our worldly ways? Are we blind to the real preciousness of who they are in God’s eyes? We need to become more aware of Satan’s strategies, his lies and his plans to rob our little ones of all that Jesus wants for them. We need to look up and be aware of what is happening around us and not be complacent.

About Author

The Holy Spirit qualifies me to write these narratives I have been a Christian for many years and always enjoyed the written word. Since the loss of my husband, I have, like so many others, have more time on my hands, which has led me to writing what I believe are God Truths which He has laid on my heart. I live alone, in Kent, and have five grown up children. I lived in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) until I came to England as a young woman, intending to go home, but met my husband to be, so that ruled out those plans! (Man’s heart may plan his way, but the Lord directs his steps. Proverbs 16:9.)! – Mary Marriott

Hopefully and prayerfully, this book will be a wake up call, so as we will not stop them coming to Him, but open the way that they may be free to run into His arms where they belong.

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