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The Welcomers by Maureen Morrell

This book about loss has just been published by author Maureen Morrell.

The Welcomers mentions all kinds of loss through abortion, miscarriage, rape and those who sadly have had to give up their babies. It does contain some graphic descriptions of these deaths, therefore not an easy read. It does not provide answers as we will never know the reason why however, the last chapters contain some elements of closure and healing.

About Author

Maureen Morrell was diagnosed with Bi-polar 15 years ago which is mainly deep depression but does get times of energy, creativity and enjoyment of life, living with it helped by medication, good friends and her church. The first chapter is about Maureen’s story and has taken many years for her to forgive herself but has brought her into contact with others who have suffered losses and who carry unspoken pain.

Each story from this book, contains several chapters where the main character suffers their loss, and the subsequent chapters are following the lost ones into Heaven and the last chapter where there are joyful reunions in Heaven. – Thus, the title The Welcomers.

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