The End by Percy Fairwater

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The End by Percy Fairwater is a detailed examination of the End Day prophecy. From Genesis to Revelation the author examined its historical or future application.

In the author’s fellowship with other believers, fairly often questions arose about Bible Prophecies, particularly concerning the last days. This study is his attempt to find the answers to these various questions.

It is a serious and devote attempt to bridge the divide between the historical and futurist schools of end days prophetical interpretation.

In Daniel there is a wealth of real spiritual blessing and wisdom to be found. A wisdom that Percy wants to share with the reader. A study that represents 60 years of work by the author, which has been blessed by the Holy Spirit to produce this book.

About the Author

Percy Fairwater, at the time of writing, was an 88 year old believer who had ministered and studied the word of God in Pentecostal churches since 1957. A deacon in Cheltenham at Elim Church he began looking at the End days revelations in and concluded this study in 1971.


Going through history Percy points out the signs and wonders that have been and that are still to come. A book of warnings, but a book of hope and a guide to know what to do when the prophecies are fulfilled.

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